Facts You Need to Know About Round Mattress

Facts You Need to Know About Round Mattress

After Luigi Massoni created a round bed and it fit perfectly into the needs of potential buyers, it’s time to design mattresses of the same shape. It would seem that there is a complex: an ordinary mattress, just round and ready. But, in fact, special solutions and technologies were needed.


Production features

Round beds are original, stylish, and in many ways practical. On round beds convenient because they do not have the concepts of “edge” and “cross,” you can spin, as you like, a place where there will always be. But the same property makes an important requirement for the mattress – uniform support throughout the area. Because of the peculiarity of its geometry, it can become uneven in the place where the body presses more often, and the filler from there “crawls” to the edges. Therefore round mattresses are manufactured from modern materials – synthetic and natural. Their main characteristic is resistance to stretching.


Features of designs

Constructively, there is a layer in the round mattresses that sets the shape of the entire model. If we are talking about soft, medium-hard mattresses or toppers, the PPOs is responsible for this – elastic, well-kept form, and at the same time flexible enough polyurethane foam. In the Spring Models, the role of the base takes on the spring layer with independent blocks.

The outer layer also serves as part of the support system. The thickness of the fabric, firmware, edging, screed – all this does not allow the “stuffing” to spread.

Special. Your. To choose the most suitable model, there is a small check sheet. It only has 5 points, but they will help not to forget the important details.


1. Size.

 It should be such that the mattress lay on the base and did not move but did not bend to the top even minimally. This is also a factor in preserving the properties of the mattress. The little one will slide and bend unevenly, the big bend in the most unexpected places, and the comfort of sleep can be forgotten. Standard round mattresses are produced with a 210-240 cm diameter and a height of 15 to 25 cm. There are models higher and longer, but it is no longer mass production: to provide sufficient support during sleep, you have to make some constructive changes, add a layer for elasticity and resistance to sprawl. The higher the weight of the sleeper, the thicker it is recommended to choose a mattress.


2. Unsaltable or springy?

 In spring round mattresses, With an independent unit, each spring has its own case, with other springs is not connected and compressed depending on the force of pressure, and the mattress takes the contours of the body. Therefore, it will be comfortable to sleep partners with different weights, the product will not sag under the heavier ones, and the lighter will not roll down because of this. In the unscathed mattresses as filler are used natural and artificial latex, coconut coir, foam, fillers with the effect of memory combining several fillers.


3. What’s in the “stuffing.”

 Its choice should be based on the needs of sleepers and its possible impact on health. For example, too soft and thin mattresses are not recommended for full people. For people with increased sweating, a mattress with a needle layer helps regulate the normal heat exchange—people with allergies – hypoallergenic Fillers.


4. Top layer of the mattress. 

For most models, it’s Jacquard Natural or synthetic threads: it allows the circular mattress to hold a clearly defined shape and size over time of use. If desired, you can buy an additional round case, topper for maximum comfort.


5. Hardness.

 In chronic diseases of the bone-muscle system, blood vessels, spine stiffness recommends by the doctor. The advice of a store consultant will help healthy people: they are familiar with manufacturers’ recommendations and can choose a few suitable options to choose from.


Features of care

Humidity, excessive loads, jumps, the roughness of the base, substandard slats – enemies of the round mattress. It is necessary to regularly collect dust from the bed and mattress, pollution to wipe off the lightly wet cloth, and not use aggressive means containing acids, lye.

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