How To Extend The Life Of A New Mattress

How To Extend The Life Of A New Mattress 

The maximum life of the mattress is 10 years, but if mishandled, it becomes much faster. To keep the bed longer does not require updating; you need to follow a few rules. Read about them in our mattress care instructions.

Pictured is the Blue Sleep Hybrid orthopedic hybrid mattress (more than 2,000 microcredit and a combination of foam, 24 cm, suitable for couples with a weight difference)


Tips For Extend The Life Of A New Mattress 

Use the right base

Before buying a new mattress Dubai, make sure that your bed provides it with the support it needs: check how much weight the base can hold; In what state the bottom of the country is; Is there an extra central crossbar (for beds the size of King and queen). Be sure to read the instructions to the mattress – it should specify the characteristics of a suitable base. Also, do not forget once a year or even more often check the condition of the bed – no rake should not sag or hang out. All these measures will prevent premature wear of the mattress.


Use a mattress

 Choose a waterproof model. So you won’t stain the mattress if you spill something and reduce the amount of dust and dirt that settle in your bed. Namatrasnik prevents pollution and prevents mold formation in the mattress, reducing the number of dust mites and other allergens. It is easy to wash, which makes sleep conditions more pleasant and hygienic.


Change your bed linen regularly.

 Ideally, every week. The sheets absorb sweat and sebum; they are deposited dead skin scales, hair, as well as crumbs from food. In such conditions, bacteria multiply very quickly. Make a rule – to change bed linen every Saturday, for example.


Don’t let your pets into bed.

 The idea of sleeping with a pet, on the one hand, looks pretty cozy, but there is also the flip side of the coin. In the mattress, because of this actively multiply bacteria and mold. And if your pet is already aged and has a weak bladder… The bed will be almost destroyed.


Periodically turn the mattress.

 Let’s say – this rule is not necessary for all models (for example, for our mattress, it is not relevant). During the first couple of years of use, it is reasonable to change the mattress position to make wear uniform, especially for models with latex or foam filling. Every 2-6 months, turn the mattress 180 degrees.


Don’t jump on the bed.

 Spring and hybrid mattresses can endure such leprosy with little or no loss, but active and frequent jumps on the bed weaken its base. The region’s bottom may not hold a person’s weight, especially an adult, and crack. As we have already said, the quality base for the mattress is as important as other operating conditions.


Carefully pack the mattress when moving

 use a protective plastic case; Don’t fold or bend it. Put it vertically when transporting it. Do not allow sagging. Some companies that help to move things offer special packaging and fixing ribbons for mattresses do not spare money for this service – it fully pays off.


Do not allow the appearance of bed bugs

 please get rid of them is unlikely to succeed, and the mattress will be spoiled. Every time you sleep outside the house, carefully check the bed for bedbugs and keep your luggage on the elevation from the floor. As a precaution, you can use a special mattress with bedbugs protection: it completely covers the mattress, and its zippers are almost airtight. Buy it and take it with you on your travels.


Regularly ventilate the mattress.

 Choose a dry, sunny day and put the mattress on fresh air (the balcony will also be suitable). This will reduce the amount of moisture accumulating inside and prevent mold from appearing. Also, direct sunlight helps to reduce the number of dust mites; they do not like dry heat. It is necessary to ventilate the mattress every one to two months.


Follow the care Instruction 

Manufacturers know best how to keep the mattress in good condition, do not neglect their advice. There are general recommendations that are suitable for any model. Regularly clean the mattress from dust with a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle – once every three months. Do not use bleaches and aggressive chemicals (they can destroy the structure of foam filler); give preference to soft detergents and soap. If you have done wet cleaning (for example, removing the stain from the coffee), then let the mattress dry properly before use.

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