Epeda mattress test and reviews

Epeda Mattress test and Reviews

Exactly 90 years ago, EPEDA bought out a patent for the manufacturing technique of spring suspensions to manufacture the first spring mattress. The brand then revolutionized the nights of many French people.

EPA is mattresses made in France, which combine the latest generation technologies and craftsmanship. A requirement of the high tradition of bedding, to always reinvent sleep.

In 2019, to celebrate its 90 years of know-howthe EPEDA brand is reissuing the mattress canvas it used in its early days. We chose to test the Coupole mattress from the Art Deco Collection and the Zéphyr mattress.

Our opinion on the Epeda Coupole mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The top part

The EPEDA Coupole mattress is, first of all, a white welcome in stretch fabric, treated with antibacterial and anti-dust mites.

Lower part

The lower part is covered with a strip of jacquard fabric, with an exclusive Art Deco print. It has 4 embroidered horizontal handles to facilitate the mattress’s transport and return it when the season changes. It also has two aerators to facilitate the evacuation of humidity, and a reinforced full fairing offers optimal support to people with large stature.

Two independent sides for the changes of seasons

We can remember the Art Deco design and the embroidered carrying handles.


The composition of the Epeda Coupole mattress

The EPEDA Coupole mattress uses multi-active spring technology combined with natural materials.

  • The mattress has a hybrid structure with pocket springs associated with foam shock absorbers. You are guaranteed a mattress that does not warp. Besides, you benefit from optimal sleeping independence.
  • The mattress’s winter side comprises 4cm of Pulse latex, which offers good elasticity, ventilation, and durability. The filling contains cashmere wool, natural silk, and hypoallergenic fibers.
  • The summer side of the mattress is also made of 4 cm of Pulse latex, but it is filled with Linen.

The manufacture of the Epeda mattress

The Epeda Coupole comfort level

Any comfort

The EPEDA Coupole mattress is no less than 29 cm thick for soft comfort and firm support. It has 7 comfort zones, with adjusted support in the shoulder, lumbar, and pelvis area.

The breathability of the Epeda Coupole mattress

The EPEDA Coupole mattress offers excellent breathability, thanks to pulse latex, which allows natural ventilation. Besides, with its 2 aerators located on the mattress’s side faces, moisture no longer stays inside: it is evacuated.

A controlled ventilation technique

Great comfort and great breathability thanks to Pulse latex

Our opinion on the Coupole mattress pricing policy

The EPEDA Coupole mattress is available in 18 sizes, 8 of which are single beds.

Price ranges:

  • A call price of 906 € for the 80cm x 190cm format
  • The standard size of the 140cm x 190cm double bed is priced at € 1,295
  • A king-size format 200cm x 200cm at € 2,237

A good call price

Most reseller sites offer discounts and set up sales, which has the advantage of lowering prices.

Our opinion on the Epeda Zéphyr mattress

This mattress, made in France, is part of the Origines collection at Epeda. The mattresses in this collection are designed with high-quality materials while favoring natural materials.

The Epeda Zéphyr mattress consists of pocket springs and benefits from multi-air technology. This guarantees point-by-point support and regular air renewal 10 times per night. Your mattress breathes, and you are perfectly supported. The Zephyr mattress offers precise comfort with reinforced comfort zones for restful sleep.

Aesthetic aspect

The Epeda Zephyr mattress has two visible sides:

The top part

The ticking is white and contains 90% wood pulp viscose and 10% linen. The fabric is of jacquard origin, treated with antibacterial and anti-mites.

Lower part

The band is in natural jacquard fabric (grey) and equipped with 4 embroidered horizontal handles.

Summer side and winter side

Its two sleeping surfaces: summer or winter, well-being is present in every season.


The composition of the Epeda Zephyr mattress

The Epeda Zephyr mattress is 29 cm thick and consists of:

  • 720 pocket springs (for a 140 x 190 cm model), associated with foam layers to balance the mattress and prevent it from deforming.
  • 3 comfort zones.
  • A summer side in linen and hemp, a winter side in plum and cashmere, and natural materials allow ventilation.
  • A reinforced full fairing.

The Epeda Zephyr mattress is OEKO-TEX certified (zero toxic product used in the mattress composition).

The Epeda Zephyr Comfort Level

The Zephyr mattress offers you firm support and a balanced welcome. The Plum material gives an airy effect to the comfort. Hand-made upholstery, combined with multi-air technology, ensures exceptional sleeping independence. With its 3 reinforced comfort zones (pelvis, shoulders, and legs), you are guaranteed a restful and restful sleep.

The breathability of the Zephyr mattress by Epeda

Multi-air pocket spring technology guarantees optimal ventilation. Natural materials such as linen, cashmere, plum, or even wood pulp allow ventilation and facilitate air circulation.

Breathable materials

Natural materials that ensure the good breathability of the mattress.

Our opinion on the Zephyr mattress pricing policy

Epeda does not sell online.

You will find the brand’s mattresses at Dubai stores. The 90×190 cm mattress starts at 788 euros. In 200 x 200 cm, the price is 1,839 euros. Depending on the reseller, you may benefit from free shipping or payment facilities.

Expedia guarantees its mattresses for 5 years. This warranty goes up to 7 years for the purchase of a box spring.

Payment facilities

With 18 mattress sizes available, you can easily find what you are looking for!

Our opinion on the delivery of the Epeda mattress

Distributor network

Do not look for an “add to cart” button on the brand’s website. To buy an EPEDA mattress, you will need to go through a reseller.

The brand has a network of more than 1000 resellers in France. To find the point of sale closest to you, you must enter your postal code or geolocate yourself on the EPEDA brand website. You will also find a good number of resellers online.

Delivery times, conditions, and prices will differ depending on the retailer: some will give you free delivery, on the niche, and in the room of your choice; others will offer you payment facilities or even express delivery. We invite you to come closer to them.

Good distribution network

The brand has a large distributor network; it will be easy for you to find one near you.

Return policy at Epeda

Test the mattress

EPA has set up the “Satisfied or exchanged” offer. After testing your mattress within 15 to 101 days, you can exchange it by contacting their customer service via the online form. After validation of your file, a voucher will be sent to you. It can be used at the same retailer for a mattress of the EPEDA, MÉRINOS, or BULTEX brand.

Please note, this offer is only valid if you have purchased a mattress and a box spring at the same time. Purchasing a single mattress does not entitle you to use this offer.

Once chosen, the new mattresses and box springs will be delivered to you, and your old purchase will be collected on this occasion.

Exchange possible

If it turns out that Epeda mattresses, in general, do not suit you, you can exchange them at the distributor for a mattress of another brand.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Epeda mattress

Even though the brand is no longer very young, it still holds up well.


The brand’s know-how It is not possible to order online

Advanced technologies and artisanal techniques used Delivery times are very long

A summer side and a winter side

The 5-year warranty extended to 7 years in the event of simultaneous purchase of mattresses and box springs.

The “Satisfied or exchanged” offer.

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