Emma mattress test and opinion

Emma mattress test and opinion

EMMA has been offering mattresses online since 2015. The brand, which creates its products in Frankfurt, Germany, has partnered with mattress manufacturers across the Rhine.

It quickly became a reference since it is today the number 1 universal mattress in sales in France. The result of long research and design from the best materials, the EMMA-original mattress, is elected in 2018 and obtained the best score in the UFC Que Choisir ranking.

This mattress was designed from the start to be particularly adaptable and suitable for all body types and all sleepers, regardless of the sleeping position adopted.

To help you form an opinion, we’ve tested it for you.


Our opinion on the Emma Original mattress

Aesthetic aspect

Top of the mattress

A very soft white welcome, which contains 1 first layer of support foam.

Thanks to this first shape memory layer, we immediately feel the soft welcome of the Emma mattress, giving the sensation of being lying on a cloud.

The underside

A grey fabric cover made of 98% polyester and 2% elastane. Its velvet-like feel is charming and also allows excellent temperature control. The cover is washable and removable, equipped with side carrying handles, and masks 2 other layers of specific foams.

When the grey cover can be washed at 40 ° C, the white cover can reach up to 60 ° C. Ideal for allergy sufferers since the mattress is not offered with an anti-mite treatment. Also, you can bring the Emma mattress protector for more security.

Stable and efficient

A non-slip part under the mattress for maximum stability.

The composition of the Emma Original mattress

The mattress at EMMA consists of 3 layers of foam:

  • The upper part comprises 4cm of Airgocell foam, a foam that ideally distributes pressure points. Thanks to this good distribution, an excellent level of perceived comfort are obtained. Made up of half air, Airgocell foam also allows heat to be easily retained and dissipated, providing the sleeper with ideal sleeping conditions for a good sleep.
  • The middle part comprises 4 cm of viscoelastic foam, called memory foam, for progressive support and perfect sleeping independence. You will no longer be disturbed by your partner’s movements! These characteristics give the mattress a soft feel and give the sleeper the feeling of being literally enveloped.
  • The lower part is composed of 17 cm of cold foam, which gives more support to your shoulders, neck and back. This good overall support helps relieve the spine and, in addition to that, limit the overall sag of the mattress in the long term.

Progressive comfort

A composition in 3 parts that guarantees comfort, support and breathability in all conditions.

The making of the Emma mattress

The concept of the mattress

Although the cold foam provides good support for the shoulders, back and neck, Emma does not give more details on this component.

Although this mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions, it is not suitable for heavy sleepers.

After several people of different body types have tested the mattress to determine which sleeper profile is ideal for that mattress, our opinion on the Emma mattress is that its balanced firmness will suit small and medium builds. For large sizes, the firmness offered will only be correct.

If the ordered mattress is intended to receive a couple, it is important also to test the support at the edge of the mattress what we have done.

There is a difference between the support on the sides for a sleeper in the back or side position and felt in the middle of the bed. The Emma mattress tends to sag a little more than the average of its competitors. Our opinion on this type of mattress will nonetheless remain positive, the observed behaviour not being prohibitive.

Good to know, the materials used for the lining may undergo a slight settling during the first days. This is the phase of normal adaptation of the mattress to the shape of your body. To avoid excessive and premature wear, make sure that the mattress is placed on a suitable box spring.

Regarding the transfer of movement when one of the two partners moves during his sleep, it remains limited. Tests carried out in situ and with a measuring device show that the mattress immediately absorbs the pressure.


The breathability of the Emma Original mattress

The breathability of the Emma Original mattress

EMMA-Matelas uses patented Airgocell technology to ensure good ventilation of its mattress. Breathability is also optimized on the Emma pillow. The foam used by Emma is a type of foam regularly used for mattresses in hospital beds. The latter must indeed offer breathable virtues since many people lie there for long periods of time.

Optimal ventilation

The thermoregulatory cover (white part) allows good air and humidity circulation.

However, it is not as important as a cover made of natural materials.

Our opinion on Emma’s pricing policy

Like many players now, Emma has chosen to sell only her mattresses via the Internet. You will therefore not find them in supermarkets. This strong choice allows Emma to offer you mattresses at very affordable prices and an excellent level of comfort. The Emma band is rather in the average price observed for rolled and compressed mattresses compared to its competitors.

At mattressdubai.ae you will find a universal mattress in 19 different sizes. A call price of 439 € for the 70cm x 200cm to 999 € for the King Size in 200cm x 200cm.

EMMA-Matelas has decided to regularly offer promotional offers (some can even be combined!) On its entire site, and to set up sales.

Regular promotional offers

Emma communicates quite often on promo codes to benefit from attractive discounts.

Our opinion on the delivery of the Emma mattress


With EMMA, your mattress is delivered to you free of charge according to the bed-in-a-box concept: a compact box that is easily transported. The dimensions range from 38x38x110cm for the small mattresses to 45x45x110cm for the larger ones. Surprisingly, the mattress comes in a rectangular box, so we didn’t feel like we were receiving a mattress. Emma guarantees delivery to the ground floor of your home.

You need to take your mattress out of its packaging using the attached cutter and test it! Another positive opinion on this Emma mattress is the faint “new” smell during the first nights of use. Rest assured, this smell is completely normal. When unpacking, we recommend that you ventilate the room and let the mattress breathe for a few hours before lying down.

Free delivery

The quality of delivery by Emma and the compact box, which is nice 

Emma’s return policy

Test for 100 nights

To give you an opinion on the EMMA mattress, the brand offers 100 trial nights to test it quietly at home.

During this period, if it does not suit you completely, you can contact their customer service.

Whatever your reasons, they will organize the free pick-up of your order. From the date of recovery of the mattress, the refund will then be made within 14 days.

Customer support to match

The German startup’s after-sales service largely contributes to the positive opinion we have had on the Emma mattress. First, the customer support teams are responsive.

It doesn’t matter which channel you choose, whether it’s online chat, telephone (valid for the week between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.) or contact by email. Beyond responsiveness, the contacts with whom we spoke responded quickly and well.

Free return under 100 nights

The 100-night trial clearly leaves time to determine whether the mattress is right for us or not,

No need to take out the wallet to pick up the mattress.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Emma mattress

Nothing to say about the delivery went well, although it was not possible to choose the niche. The waiting time before the mattress takes its final shape is fast.

On the negative side, we regret that the mattress does not have an anti-mite treatment. Another reservation, the support offered at the edge of the mattress, is behind its competitors, such as the Tiber mattress or the Kipli mattress, even if it is not prohibitive.


Delivery quality Delivery time without a choice of time slot

Use of the mattress a few minutes after unpacking The reimbursement period

Free return and full refund No anti-mite treatment

Removable and washable The risk of the mattress sagging

Soft welcome The mattress is folded and rolled, which can alter the properties of the mattress and make visible the marks linked to the fold and playing on its comfort during the first days of testing.

10 years warranty

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