Duvivier mattress test and opinion

Duvivier mattress test and opinion

It was in 1928 that the Duvivier brand was born, manufacturing wool and horsehair mattresses. After the 1945 war, the company expanded and began manufacturing spring mattresses. Box springs and headboards are emerging.

Technologies evolve, and in 1995, the Duvivier brand invents AirSystem, the first patented ventilation system, integrated into the mattress. Then come the Ergogrip handles, memory foam, pocket springs. Duvivier is constantly developing always to offer you the best comfort.

In 2020, Duvivier obtained the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), which distinguishes companies with artisanal and industrial know-how of excellence!

Our opinion on the Duvivier mattress

Duvivier offers Made In France mattresses at affordable prices; The brand is in the mid-range of the best mattresses for sale on the market at the price level but offers high-quality items.

Aesthetic aspect

Duvivier mattresses offer a perfect finish and very pleasant to the eye. The mattresses are available in different colours for the cover covering the mattress (alpine blue velvet or ultramarine grey velvet). The cover is zipped so that you can remove it for washing.

Mattress technology

The Duvivier brand does not hesitate to combine several technologies, such as pocket spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses, to meet each user’s needs and specificities.

With several comfort zones, the support is really there.

Longer life

All Duvivier mattresses are padded to guarantee the long life of your mattress.

Visit the Duvivier website

The comfort level of the Duvivier mattress

Different comforts

Duvivier mattresses’ range offers mattresses with soft comforts, such as the Memory mattress, a favourite with many sleepers.

It is a hybrid mattress combining pocket springs and thermoregulatory memory foam for good sleeping independence and a soft welcome. You will also find balanced mattresses or firm mattresses for more targeted support of the spine and a good distribution of pressure points.

The breathability of the Duvivier mattress

The Air System technology present on Duvivier mattresses allows natural ventilation with each movement and sleeping position of the sleeper.

High-performance breathability

The mattress stays dry and healthy even if you sweat.

Visit the Duvivier website.

Find out more about the Duvivier mattress pricing policy

The Duvivier brand’s first price is very affordable: 220 euros for a 90×190 cm mattress, springs and foam, with a thickness of 21 cm. It is a model of good comfort, according to users.

If you want to go up a little in the range, you will find a 140×190 cm mattress around 600 euros. For more high-end models, count around 1000 euros for good support with a perfect pocket springs density.

Correct mattress price

These prices are still excellent when you compare similar items from other manufacturers, and you really have quality bedding.

The particularities of the delivery of the Duvivier mattress

Duvivier mattresses are not sold directly by the brand.

The delivery terms can therefore change, depending on where you buy your mattress. You can also find them on the internet, on the sites of bedding sellers, where the delivery terms are indicated.

Delivery by resellers

It would help if you found a dealer to buy this mattress.

Return policy at Duvivier

Test the mattress at a dealer

As for delivery, the terms of return depend on the reseller and may therefore vary, depending on the place of purchase.

Some vendors may offer you trial nights to test your mattress.

Dependent on resellers

Do not hesitate to search and compare the resellers between them.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Duvivier mattress

To help you make your choice, I love to sleep has tested for you:


Affordable rates Warranty according to the dealer

Wide choice of mattresses and finishes No information on delivery, return possible

Removable and washable

French made

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