Dunlopillo mattress test and reviews

Dunlopillo mattress test and reviews

Dunlopillo is already more than 80 years of innovation and know-how in the world of mattresses.

In 1932, the brand invented the first latex mattress, only 3 years after discovering this material. In 1957, Dunlopillo broadcast its first TV commercial, and in 1960, it was the first bedding brand to launch polyurethane foam mattresses on the French market.

Dunlopillo is also one of the favourite mattress brands of the French. Its mattresses are designed and manufactured in France, in the Yvelines department. These are, therefore, quality products 100% Made in France, accessible to all.

In 2019, the brand was launching its new Latex collection. We tested the Citation and Sympa mattresses.


Our opinion on the Dunlopillo Citation mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The DUNLOPILLO Citation mattress comes in 2 visible parts:

The top part

The upper part is the sleeping surface, which is white in colour. Its fabric is made of 99% polyester and 1% elastane, with a natural anti-dust mite treatment.

Lower part

The lower part is covered with a white thermoregulating ticking, composed of a natural filling: Quallofil polyester fibres, linen, silk and cashmere. It is equipped with 4 horizontal carrying handles. The bottom of the mattress shows a strip of fabric that can be grey or white.

Good contact

The use of noble materials makes the mattress very pleasant in contact with the skin.


The composition of the Dunlopillo Citation mattress

Dunlopillo Citation is a multilayer mattress, which combines several patented technologies:

  • The upper part comprises several layers of fibres and a 1.7cm layer of high resilience polyurethane foam for a durable mattress, which maintains support and comfort.
  • The middle part comprises 4cm of gel latex, a DUNLOPILLO latex born from the fusion between the latex and gel microcapsules, which have the particularity of absorbing excess heat during your sleep.
  • The lower part is made of 16cm of soft white latex. It offers perfect sleeping independence. Even if your partner has restless nights, that doesn’t mean you will be awake!


The comfort level of the Citation mattress

The comfort level of the Citation mattress

Any comfort

The DUNLOPILLO Citation mattress has a thickness of 24cm for comfort and firm support. With its 7 comfort zones, it is suitable for all sleeper profiles and all sleeping positions.

For optimal support, the mattress area that receives your shoulders is softer, and the area that receives your pelvis is firmer.

The breathability of the Dunlopillo Citation mattress

With the DUNLOPILLO Citation mattress, your nights will always have the right temperature.

The brand indeed uses:

  • Latex, which gives you excellent natural ventilation.
  • The cooling gel latex, which helps regulate your body heat.
  • Patented No flip technology, which optimizes self-ventilation. No need to turn it over; your mattress is “all seasons”.

Good breathability

The different technologies used to make this mattress very airy and avoid turning it over during the changing seasons.

Our opinion on the price policy of the Citation mattress

DUNLOPILLO sells very innovative mattresses and wishes to offer prices accessible to as many people as possible. The Citation mattress, from the Latex collection, is a so-called “high-end” mattress, which combines several patented technologies.

This mattress is available sharjah, in 8 sizes, including 3 for single bedding.

The call price for the 80cm x 200cm format is € 1,098.

It is necessary to count 1,570 € for the double bed’s standard size in 140cm x 190cm and 2,357 € for the king-size format in 180cm x 200cm.

Discounts through resellers

We can count on sales, and promotional offers set up by its network of resellers. Most of them also offer you payment in several monthly instalments at no additional cost.

Our opinion on the Dunlopillo Sympa mattress

The Dunlopillo Sympa mattress is equipped with innovative technologies from the Dunlopillo brand.

Success for a mattress that combines optimal ventilation and excellent support for the body. It is very comfortable and made in France, and it also bears its name very well because its attractive price can only seduce you! It is available in several sizes.

Aesthetic aspect

The Dunlopillo Sympa mattress looks like this:

The top part

The sleeping surface is white in colour. It benefits from “no flip” technology, which means that you do not have to turn your mattress at the season change.

Lower part

The mattress is covered with a white ticking, 100% polyester, which has received an Aloe Vera treatment to provide softness and natural antibacterial and anti-mite protection.

A soft mattress

The all-season comfort face, soft and pleasant to the touch.

The composition of the Dunlopillo Sympa mattress

The Dunlopillo Sympa mattress is a foam mattress and 100% French.

The mattress’s core is made of Aérial foam, with a density of 46 kg / m3 and 15 cm thick. It is a perfect density that is resistant and comfortable and allows excellent support.

The filling is composed of polyurethane memory foam in Dubai, 1.7 cm thick and with a density of 23 kg / m3 and polyester fibres of 300 g / m2. This filling will be used to determine the reception of the bedding of your mattress.

The Dunlopillo Sympa offers a “No Flip” sleeping side. You can use it all year round, without having to return it every 6 months.

The comfort level of the Sympa mattress

Aérial foam, innovative technology from Dunlopillo, is breathable and comfortable.

Any comfort

The areas that are under the most pressure (back, legs) are reinforced. It relieves the spine and perfectly supports your muscles for a better sleeping position. It is a mattress with a firm reception and which offers perfect sleeping independence.

The Dunlopillo Sympa ticking is made of 100% polyester and has received an all-natural anti-bacterial and anti-mite treatment based on Aloe Vera. This plant has moisturizing, healing and toning properties. In the world of mattresses, Aloe Vera allows, thanks to its antifungal properties, to limit microorganisms’ proliferation.

The breathability of the Dunlopillo mattress

Dunlopillo Aérial foam is ultra-ventilated, high-resilience polyurethane foam. It, therefore, allows good air circulation to the heart of the mattress, unlike conventional memory foam, which tends to cause night sweats, unpleasant for the sleeper.

With the Sympa mattress and its Aérial foam, your mattress remains fresh, healthy and breathable for a good nights rest.

Restorative sleep

A French mattress with technologies and know-how that allow quality sleep

Our opinion on the pricing policy

The Dunlopillo brand falls into the mid-range category for mattresses and offers affordable prices for everyone.

The Dunlopillo Sympa mattress is one of the cheapest of the brand while being very comfortable. For 90×190 or 200 mattresses, count around 300 euros. In 140×190 cm, it is around 600 euros.

Promotions all year round

Dunlopillo is present at several retailers who regularly offer sales and promotions so that you can find the Sympa mattress at a beautiful price.

Our opinion on the delivery of the Dunlopillo mattress

Distributor network

It is not possible to order directly on the DUNLOPILLO site. However, the brand has an extensive network of distributors such as bedding specialists or wholesalers. You will find the list of dealers closest to you easily on the internet or directly on the brand’s website: all you have to do is enter an address or geolocate yourself.

Delivery times, therefore, vary depending on the site on which you order. The one we went through offered us a 5-day delivery in Paris and Ile-de-France, or 15 days in the provinces. But on some sites, the delays could be longer.

It is the same for the delivery conditions. On some sites, delivery will be made by a single person at your doorstep and will be chargeable. The site we used offered free delivery and unpacking by 2 people in the room of our choice.

What I like the most

Going through intermediary resellers gives real proximity, which is very appreciated for people wishing to test comfort for themselves.

The brand’s distribution network is pervasive, making it possible to come and test it in a store near you.

Dunlopillo Return Policy

Test the mattress

Unlike online universal mattress sites, you can’t get a 100-night trial period so that you can review the mattress from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to test the mattress, you can go to a distributor near you. But you will only have a few minutes to make up your mind.

Regarding possible returns, you will need to check with the site from which you will know the procedure.

What I like the most

The lack of the 100-night trial is compensated because you can already in-store preview the comfort of Dunlopillo mattresses and get an idea of ​​the type of mattress that would suit you.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Dunlopillo mattress

By weighing the pros and cons, we realize that ultimately, notoriety and the technologies used do not do everything.


The reputation of the brand and its know-how: It is not possible to order online or test it at home.

Cutting-edge technologies used Delivery times are very long

The 5-year warranty. The After-Sales Service lacks responsiveness

There are so many references that we don’t know which mattress to 

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