Do I Need A Mattress Pad For My Mattress

Do I Need A Mattress Pad For My Mattress?

Anatomical mattresses are no longer an innovation but the standard of comfortable sleep. Special accessories are designed to extend the service life of the product. If the cover protects the mattress from spilled tea or cat’s claws, then the scope of mattress tenths, which will be discussed in this article, is much wider. Mattress boxes are needed to add comfort to the bed, adjust the stiffness or combine two single mattresses. In addition, the mattress topper can be used as a mattress in case of the arrival of guests or overnight in the country. The case in such a situation will not help out.


How to choose a mattress pad on an anatomical mattress

The following varieties are on sale:

  • classical. Why it is needed, we have already said above.
  • Waterproof. One side of the product is made of a soft material specifically for a comfortable sleep. The second is moisture-tight and protects the mattress even from a large amount of spilled liquid. This is the best option that maximally prolongs the life of the mattress and preserves its original appearance. Indispensable if there is a small child in the house, or you like to drink coffee in bed.
  • The ideal solution if you suffer from allergies. With antibacterial impregnation. The antibacterial composition does not allow the product to absorb dust and bacteria from the environment. 
  • Seasonal. The “summer” side is made of silk, linen, bamboo fiber, or other natural materials that remain cool even in the heat and have high absorbency rates. “Winter,” as a rule, has a small pile. However, due to the presence of wool in the composition, it warms well.

Advantages of Mattress Topper

If you decide to buy an anatomical mattress, and the seller advises you to buy a protective cover immediately, do not think this is a marketing ploy. The same can be said about mattress toning machines. This is a vital thing:

  • protect against dust, moisture, and the spread of mold spores. It is easier to wash the cover than to take the mattress to the dry cleaners;
  • prolongs the service life of the product, reduces the manifestation of signs of wear in the form of scuffs, tissue rupture, loss of the original shape;
  • conveniently put on and off. Repeat the size of the mattress, securely attached like a sheet on an elastic band or with elastic bands;
  • if you choose the right model, you can make your sleep more comfortable and adjust the bed’s rigidity without changing the mattress. Topper will make the surface smoother, softer, or, conversely, harder – it all depends on your preferences. If you sometimes use a sofa as a bed, such an acquisition will also become very necessary. A dense mattress topper will correct all the irregularities of the bed;
  • mattress towers are easy to wash in a machine and dry. The recommended temperature regime is indicated in the instruction manual of the product;
  • have an affordable price. Replacing the mattress pad is much cheaper than buying a new mattress in Dubai.


What to consider when choosing a mattress together

Before buying, it is worth measuring the dimensions of the mattress, and not only the width and length, but also the height, since this indicator is also different.

If you or other family members are allergic, it is better to purchase a model made of natural materials: the latex layer can cause skin irritation. In addition, the options presented on sale differ in the fastening – they can be elastic bands or elastic bands. Choosing a mattress toning machine is an individual decision. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of models – choose from.

Tips for choosing:

  • buy products from certified manufacturers. They are made of safe materials, do not have an unpleasant fragrance, and do not emit toxic substances that can cause allergies. If in doubt, it is better to ask the seller for a certificate of quality;
  • we recommend choosing models with a quilted surface: these sit better on the mattress and have a longer service life;
  • the choice in favor of anatomical models of mattress topper should be made only on the recommendation of a specialist. Such products are not suitable for everyone;
  • before buying, you can read reviews about the product you like. This will allow you to learn about the presence of disadvantages, which at first glance may seem insignificant, but in the process of operation will make themselves felt;
  • the more inner layers, the more expensive the model is. Latex, thick elastic foam, polyester fiber, coconut coir, and other materials can be used as a filler.



The online store presents mattress tons that will make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Models with a memory effect, with a soft surface of velour or cotton, with a hypoallergenic layer, with a cooling effect, and many other options – choose the one that suits you. Still, have questions? Send a message through the online form, and we will help you with your choice.

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