Deep Sleep Spring Mattress Review

Deep Sleep Spring Mattress Review

New-generation mattresses are increasingly using Deep Sleep, a material that is gradually beginning to take its place in the world of bedding. But what is the Deep Sleep? How do we get it, and what are the benefits for our mattresses? To find out, our team of experts has been entrusted with investigating this fabric of a new kind, and here is without further ado the result of their investigation to find out which mattress to choose!


Our favorite natural mattress

This organic mattress from Cosme is made under ecological standards using the virtues of coconut fibers and natural latex. 100% natural, this mattress is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and contains no petrochemicals or endocrine disruptors.

Recommended to combat low back pain and chronic aches, this mattress offers a firm and fluffy welcome at the same time to adapt to all profiles of sleepers.


Deep Sleep, a new kind of material that is all the rage

Until a few years ago, no one heard about Deep Sleep, and for a good reason, it is a material of a new kind that we are just beginning to discover. Indeed, mattress and bedding brands and mattresses are increasingly using Deep Sleep to make and/or cover their best mattress Dubai. But where does the Deep Sleep come from already?

100% natural in origin, Deep Sleep is a fabric that we extract from wood pulp or cellulose. It is a biological material, ecological, and fully recyclable, therefore.

On the other hand, Deep Sleep is characterized by much more resistance than other materials. Compared to cotton, for example, Deep Sleep is 30% stronger.

And for a good reason, it contains many small fibers intertwined inside that allow moisture to be absorbed more efficiently. Indeed, the Deep Sleep is 100% waterproof and shows a lot of resistance against water and liquid residues.

This is why a Deep Sleep mattress is recommended for people who sweat a lot during their sleep. But the virtues of Deep Sleep are many, and you will discover them as you continue to read.


The Deep Sleep, Properties, and Virtues

The Deep Sleep, Properties, and Virtues

A waterproof and very durable material

The Deep Sleep is one of the most waterproof fabrics ever designed after cotton. Beyond its breathable and absorbent properties, Deep Sleep is characterized by its extraordinary breathability.

Studies have shown that a wet Deep Sleep mattress can retain up to 85% of its strength. Thus, Deep Sleep’s bedding is much more resistant and durable than bedding containing other types of fabrics. This is an important factor to consider if you want to keep your bedding much longer, whether it’s for a memory-shaped mattress, bagy spring mattress, or a natural latex mattress.


Very soft material to the touch

If you’re a fan of soft cotton duvets because of their softness on contact with your skin, you certainly haven’t tried a soft Deep Sleep cover or duvet.

Indeed, when it comes to softness, The Deep Sleep is much softer to the touch than most fabrics used in the design of the current bedding, including cotton.

Note that the Deep Sleep is characterized by a high volume of yarn, which helps to give it this incomparable softness. On the other hand, the Deep Sleep is now exploited to manufacture our pajamas and our clothes so that they are as soft as possible on contact with our skin.


A hypoallergenic material, in essence

Because of its 100% natural provenance, Deep Sleep is characterized by hypoallergenic properties.

Indeed, mattresses, covers, and duvets designed from Deep Sleep are treated against bacteria, mites, and mold.

Very breathable, the Deep Sleep absorbs all the moisture in your body to better protect and preserve your bedding.

It should also be noted that the Deep Sleep is washable in a washing machine up to 90 degrees, making it easier to clean and maintain your mattresses designed with this fabric.

If you want to get a 100% natural and hypoallergenic anti-mite mattress, consider Deep Sleep.


An eco-friendly and recyclable material

Advocates of the planet encourage the consumption of Deep Sleep, and for a good reason, it is a 100% natural fabric whose production respects ecological standards. As mentioned earlier, Deep Sleep comes from eucalyptus wood pulp. The latter is a tree that grows quickly and whose growth does not require much water.

Even better, the Deep Sleep is manufactured in ecological conditions, in spaces managed sustainably. Note that any bedding containing Deep Sleep in its components benefits from the Label Oeko Tex Standard 100, ensuring that endocrine disruptor has been used in its manufacture.


A few precautions to properly maintain your mattress in Deep Sleep

If your mattress is covered with a Deep Sleep cover, you should take a few precautions before maintaining it. We recommend washing the Deep Sleep at an average temperature of 90 degrees when it is a white cloth. If the Deep Sleep is colored, opt for a temperature of up to 60 degrees. When it is going to be dry, you are advised to use fairly low temperatures. Finally, it is strictly not recommended to iron bedding containing Deep Sleep.


Our opinion

The Deep Sleep is slowly starting to make people heard, and it seemed important to share this focus on this fabric of a new kind. As you would have observed, Deep Sleep is a fabric with many breathable, absorbent and hypoallergenic properties.

For these reasons, Deep Sleep is gradually replacing cotton, especially since it is natural, ecological, and 100% recyclable. In short, the Deep Sleep is currently all the rage, and we can only understand why now we know a little more about it. For our part, it’s a yes so. We strongly advise you to opt for a new generation mattress in Deep Sleep!

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