Deep Sleep Medical Mattress Review

Deep Sleep Medical Mattress Review

Don’t go four ways. The Deep Sleep Medical Mattress is a high-end mattress. There are certain criteria: a thickness of 30 cm and the use of the latest technologies combined with those that have proven their worth. The Supreme Wellness mattress is the mattress for those looking for a premium product that meets the highest comfort requirements and helps relieve back pain or aches and pains. Here’s our full review.

Our opinion on this thick mattress we love

  • Soft, anti-moisture bamboo fiber tick,
  • A 5 cm layer of high-density viscoelastic foam with a memory shape to avoid pressure points and for perfect comfort,
  • A 2.5 cm layer of micro-perforated latex for quality maintenance,
  • A soul of the mattress consisting of bargained springs (884 to 1,740 springs depending on the size of the mattress) arranged in 7 comfort zones allowing real independence of sleeping and ensuring ideal ventilation of the mattress,
  • All materials are OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified,
  • 120 nights trial with free return,
  • 15-year warranty.

In brief:

The Deep Sleep Medical Mattress is a high-end mattress that combines high-density foam technology with a memory-shaped technology with the tradition of latex and bagged springs for ideal and dynamic support and perfect aeration of the mattress.

The mattress is comfortable on its entire surface. It contains seven comfort zones for a perfect and focused welcome, ideal for people suffering from back pain or overweight, and sleeping independence for couples.

The bamboo fiber tick allows an excellent diffusion of moisture and to spend a night in the dry, especially for people sweating profusely, and thus to find easily and in the long term a restful sleep.


Our assessment of the Deep Sleep Medical Mattress: Best Mattress For People Sweating Profusely In Dubai?

Deep Sleep Medical Mattress

In the first place, the softness to the touch of the bamboo fiber cover and the wrap provided by the top layer with form memory while the hand is pushed slightly into the mattress.

If one presses a little harder with the hand, one ends up feeling the contact of the layer of micro-perforated latex that plays its supporting role here and combines perfectly with the memory foam of form.

When you sit at the edge of the mattress, you feel the same feeling reinforced by the bagy springs that offer a more dynamic welcome but without a rebound. The mattress does not sag at the seat but wraps the body well without causing slippage or excessive pressure, suggesting that the comfort of the mattress is well distributed throughout the surface.


The Deep Sleep Medical Mattress in 7 points

Below are the materials and main features of the Deep Sleep Medical Mattress:

  • A bamboo fiber tick with naturally absorbent properties,
  • A top layer of 5 cm of high-density viscoelastic foam with a memory shape to avoid pressure points and for perfect comfort,
  • A 2.5 cm layer of micro-perforated latex for a flexible, high-quality posture
  • A soul of the mattress consisting of bagged springs (884 to 1740 springs depending on the size of the mattress) arranged in 7 comfort zones allowing real independence of sleeping and ensuring ideal ventilation of the mattress,
  • The OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certification,
  • 120 trial nights, satisfied or refunded with free delivery and return,
  • A 15-year warranty.

Therefore deep sleep medical mattress is the best mattress in Dubai for People Sweating Profusely for dry sleep.


The Deep Sleep Medical Mattress in detail

It is safe to say that this mattress is distinguished by the quality of the materials used and its exceptional performance. It combines the benefits of a natural latex mattress, memory-shaped mattress, and a bagy spring mattress. This makes it an exceptional model.

The most demanding in terms of comfort and well-being will find with this mattress 30 cm thick, the perfect alliance of technology with the foam high-density memory form and tradition with its soul consisting of bagy springs that have proven their worth.

In addition, the natural micro-perforated latex layer will provide a flexible posture while allowing heat to dissipate to the soul of the mattress, itself perfectly ventilated thanks to the bagged springs. In addition, the natural antibacterial and anti-mite qualities of latex provide a guarantee of sleep in a healthier environment.

The soul of the mattress, composed of batched springs divided into 7 comfort zones, one for the head, one for the shoulders, one for the back, one for the lower back, one for the buttocks, one for the thighs, and one for the legs, allows benefiting from a perfectly adapted comfort, especially in case of a back problem or overweight.

Its soft, thermoregulatory bamboo-based fabric will combine with the set to provide a quality and restorative deep sleep.


 The Special Points of the Deep Sleep Medical Mattress

The mattress offers a unique side of comfort, and there is no need to return it each season, as it always returns to its original shape over time thanks to the memory foam.

Latex is a natural and highly resistant product that enhances the action of the memory foam by providing flexible and effective support and increases the life of the mattress.

The bagged springs are packaged in an individual pouch to allow perfect sleeping independence. A distribution density modulated according to the targeted areas of the body and optimized ventilation and air circulation.

The number of springs is significant: from 884 springs for the single mattress version 90×190 cm to 1740 bagy springs for the King Size 180×200 cm mattress version (see our article“How many springs for a good mattress?”).

This large number of springs allows defining seven comfort zones to provide optimized and differentiated support according to the parts of the body and to ensure perfect independence of sleeping combined with the memory foam shape that absorbs the sleeper’s weight without impacting the other areas of the mattress.

The tick is made with a bamboo fiber fabric with naturally absorbent properties that allows air to flow, regulating temperature and humidity.

A density above market standards characterizes the high-density foam with a specially developed shape. It allows adapting to the morphology of the sleeper by offering superior quality and durability.


Some technical details that matter

The height of the mattress composed of high-performance materials is 30 cm for quality and durability-tested and guaranteed:

  • Tested non-form memory viscoelastic foam (80,000 test cycles),
  • Viscoelastic foam with a memory of form guaranteed 15 years.


The Deep Sleep Medical Mattress, for whom?

The Supreme Wellness mattress is ideal for people with back pain. It allows, as we have detailed to remove pressure points and perfectly maintain the spine.

The large number of banned springs divided into seven targeted comfort zones. The density of its memory foam layer and the flexible support of the latex layer combine to provide suitable conditions for people with back problems.

Similarly, the quality of the bedding is paramount for overweight people who must be supported perfectly without pressure points to avoid sore awakenings.

Finally, aeration and circulation of air in the mattress thanks to the bagged springs, micro-perforated latex, and bamboo fiber tick allow people who tend to sweat at night to find a dry restful sleep in a healthier environment.


Our final opinion

The Supreme Wellness mattress provides both a soft welcome and firm support. The 5 cm layer of high-density foam-shaped memory acts as a mattress and ensures the comfort sleeper’s comforters. The large number of stained springs combined with the micro-perforated latex layer provides perfect support.

This mattress model provides effective support regardless of position thanks to the seven comfort zones defined by the many bagy springs, which also offer excellent sleeping independence.

In addition, its hybrid composition combining the technology of the form memory foam with the tradition of the stained springs is ideal for people prone to back pain or overweight. The technicality and quality of the materials used to make this model a truly high-end mattress. This is also one of our favorite mattresses.

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