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Coira And Latex | the benefits of mattresses made of natural materials

A wide variety of materials are used to make quality mattresses in Dubai. These include both synthetic fillers made by advanced modern technologies and time-tested all-natural materials.

Eco-friendly fillers, made from natural plant raw materials, are very popular and have several significant advantages.

Among natural materials, there are both elastic, soft, and strong, solid fillers, the combination of which gives the mattress the necessary level of rigidity and comfort.

Due to its unique properties, materials made from plant fibers provide an excellent orthopedic effect.


Types of natural fillers

In the manufacture of mattresses, natural fillers can be used in pure form or combination with modern synthetic materials such as foam or high-elastic foam.

Coconut coir

Coconut coir is an all-natural filler for mattresses, which is derived from coconut fibers. The material has a natural rigidity and elasticity and provides excellent orthopedic characteristics of the mattress.

Coconut fiber is the toughest natural material of all that is used in the manufacture of mattresses. This eco-friendly and hypoallergenic filler has durability, durability, and excellent bactericide properties.

Coconut coir is easily ventilated, does not rot even at high humidity, and prevents the appearance and development of ticks and microorganisms.

Cactus cobra (sisal) is one of the most durable and valuable natural fillers for mattresses. Rough fiber is obtained from agave leaves and subjected to special treatment. The fibers of the cactus cobra are soft and elastic compared to coconut.

Sisal has an anti-static effect, keeps cool on a hot day and warm in cold weather. The material is well ventilated and evaporates moisture, which is distinguished by strength and durability.

Mattresses with a filling from cactus cobra have a medium degree of rigidity and have high orthopedic properties.


Natural latex

Natural latex is a popular mattress filler made based on heveyev juice.

The material has a porous structure resembling small honeycombs, is unusually soft and elastic, and easily restores shape.

Long-lasting and hypoallergenic latex is resistant to cracking and rotting. The natural material is perfectly ventilated and prevents the appearance of microorganisms and ticks in the mattress.

Elastic latex filler provides comfort, massage effect, even load distribution, and support of the spine during sleep.


The benefits of natural fillers

Mattresses made of natural materials have different characteristics and differ from each other by the degree of rigidity. However, all-natural fillers have some important advantages:

  • Plant materials are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • Mattresses made of elastic and elastic natural materials have excellent orthopedic properties.
  • All-natural fillers are not toxic and harmless to human health, so that they can be used in mattresses for children and newborns.
  • Natural materials evaporate moisture well, which prevents rotting and mold.
  • Plant fillers circulate air, preventing ticks, microbes, insects, and fungus.
  • The mattresses keep cool in the heat and heat at low temperatures.
  • Natural fillers are strong and durable.

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