Casper mattress test and review

Casper mattress test and review

Since 2014, Casper has been the first brand to offer mattresses online. In a few years, the manufacturer has become the world leader and a revolutionary pioneer of the single mattress sold online. The starting point is that a mattress should not be reserved for one way of sleeping in particular but suitable for all sleepers.

Based in New York, it is gradually taking over European territory. It now has its mattresses manufactured in Germany for the French market. and available on according your need.

The concept? Offer a universal mattress with exceptional softness, fast delivery with a 100-day trial period, in an original format at launch delivered rolled and compressed.

To check if all of these promises have been kept, we decided to test the Casper mattress for you.


Our opinion on the Casper mattress

Aesthetic aspect

Top of the mattress

The contact area is white as a cloud and dimpled. Although it is basically made of polyester (only 1% spandex), it is soft, smooth and silky to the touch, just like the Casper bed linens.

The zipper

A wide grey band containing 3 layers of foam and hides a zipper and side handles for easier transport of the mattress in the middle.

The underside

Underneath, a high-quality removable cover resistant to frequent washing.

Too bad for some, we will not be able to choose the colour of the cover, but you can easily remove it to wash it, which is very handy for keeping a Casper mattress clean at all times! This possibility also contributes to the ability to minimize allergies for sensitive people. You can also add the Casper mattress protector for added security.

A simple and clean design

No-fuss with Casper!

The neutrality of tones makes the mattress minimalist, and that we love!

We particularly appreciate the softness of the contact area, which in our opinion is really very pleasant.

The composition of the mattress

Casper mattresses are made of 4 layers of foam:

  • The upper latex layer, which offers more breathability. It is composed of 3.8cm of foam. This is a special feature of the Casper mattress. With a density of 65kg / m3, this strong choice guarantees the quality of the product. This latex layer is made of a mixture of natural and synthetic latex, offering excellent breathability on paper and actively reducing night sweating in the sleeper. With this structure, the heat diffusion is done towards the memory foam layer.
  • Just below, the shape memory layer, which offers more support. It is made of 3.8 cm of viscoelastic foam, also called memory foam. Special feature: it is easily adaptable and offers real temperature sensitivity.
  • The transition foam layer, which offers better weight distribution. In terms of composition, it is a 3.8 cm thick polyether foam. This foam, which can be described as “basic”, supports the functions and guarantees the good characteristics of the upper layers. Pressure relief and participation in weight distribution it is beneficial!
  • Finally, the lower base layer, which provides targeted support to your body. It is a 12.6 cm thick polyether foam. A simple yet strong polyether. In our opinion, Casper made an excellent choice by offering a density of 31kg / m3, ensuring the overall and perceived quality. This characteristic gives the Casper mattress excellent stability at the base and will allow you to enjoy the mattress for many years without deteriorating comfort.

Casper is in the tradition of many other manufacturers by choosing not to integrate springs within the structure of his mattress. There are two reasons for this: this type of mattress wears out faster, and the sleeping independence offered is less good than with foam.


The making of the Casper mattress

The balance of the mattress

The mattress is neither too firm nor not enough. In terms of perception, our testers found it neither too soft nor too hard. We can say that it is balanced, with all the same firmness slightly above average. It is suitable for most body types, regardless of your sleeping position.

It offers perfect sleeping independence and excellent support, thanks to the optimal distribution of pressure points.

With its characteristics, the Casper mattress can, in our opinion, be also comfortable for a sleeper who has the habit of sleeping on his stomachsleeping on his side or sleeping on his back.

We also conducted sag tests with several people of different heights and weights to get an opinion and judge the firmness and comfort of the Casper mattress. The results obtained allow us to say that this mattress offers characteristics comparable to other high-end sleeping models. And that it will be perceived as comfortable in all sleeping positions. A good point!

On the spine measurement tests, both with almost 90 kg and a woman of 60 kg, the spine’s alignment is perfect. In this sense, we can say that the Casper mattress participates in the prevention of back pain. Conclusion: a perfect adaptation regardless of the sleeper profile!

For sleepers accompanied by a partner using a mattress for 2 people, it is always important to consider the support at the edge of the mattress. A significant element to be able to take full advantage of a mattress’s characteristics when you share your bed! And after our test, we can tell you whether it is on the back or the side; the Casper mattress fulfils its mission. The support offered is very effective at the edges, and therefore overall, very uniform. Even when you have to put on your shoes before getting out of the house by sitting on the edge of the bed, the mattress won’t sink!


The breathability of the Casper mattress

Slight disappointment with the mattress’s overall construction regarding its breathability: Even though the latex and memory foam provides good breathability, the mattress cover is made of 99% polyester. These synthetic fibres can keep you warm, which somehow negates the properties of latex and memory foam.

We prefer natural fabrics which are, for the most part, more breathable, hypoallergenic and durable. However, we did not have the opportunity to test this mattress during the hot weather.

Sleep comfortably as a couple

Sleeping independence is really there (Word of Anaïs), and it is a criterion that we do not neglect.

Our opinion on the pricing policy

Casper offers you prices substantially identical to its main competitors but offers less choice in the sizes of its mattresses, with only 8 references:

from the single bed in 80cm x 200cm at 450 € to the king-size bed 200 cm x 200 cm at 975 €. If a price policy comparison is to be made, we believe mattress manufacturer Casper offers an attractive price for a memory foam mattress of this level of quality. You can also find a Casper promo code.

Easy payments

The brand offers you the possibility to pay up to 4 times free of charge.


Our opinion on the delivery of the Casper mattress


Delivery in mainland France is free within 2 to 3 working days at your doorstep. Upon receipt, no need to wait for your partner or call your neighbour for help: unpacking can be done alone!

Your mattress is carefully packaged in a compact box that is easy to transport.

Quality delivery

There is no need to go downstairs to pick up the mattress to retrieve it when you live upstairs; it’s the one who comes to us.

During our test, the mattress was received on time.


Return Policy at Casper

100 nights trial

Want to test the Casper mattress? With them, as with the vast majority of online mattress sellers, you benefit from a 100-night trial period which starts on the day of delivery of your order, to give you an opinion on the mattress.

During this 100 day period, if you are not completely satisfied, you have the option of contacting customer service, who will send a delivery person to pick up your mattress in the time slot of your choice.

A tailor-made service

We have tried to contact customer service for a return. In conclusion, it is responsive, and the operators have listened to us. Recovery is fast and free, even if you no longer have the packaging box!

Another advantage: no need to ask for your biscuits 🙂

Advantages and disadvantages of the Casper mattress

Admittedly, the Casper mattress has significant advantages, whether in terms of:

  • Speed ​​of delivery
  • Ease of maintenance of the mattress
  • The absence of chemicals in the composition of the mattress

That said, indeed, the folds left on the mattress when unfolded do not give an excellent impression on the quality of the product or on the impact that it can have on the comfort of the mattress and its duration.


Fast delivery to your doorstep. Insufficient breathability due to its 99% polyester cover

Free return and full refund. Not suitable for people with a heavy build

A mattress that takes its initial shape after a few minutes. Mattress delivered folded and rolled so that we can see the folds on the mattress, that this affects the memory foam and therefore, the durability of the mattress

The mattress does not contain any chemical or harmful to health.

Removable and washable.

Soft welcome.

10-year warranty.

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