Bultex mattress test and opinion

Bultex mattress test and opinion

It was in 1984 that the French bedding brand launched into the manufacture of mattresses. After creating a polyurethane foam composed of millions of cells (called Bultex material), she decides to make it the main component of her mattresses to fit all the curves and movements of your body and offer you the optimal quality of sleep.

All of the brand’s items are made in France, in Noyen-sur-Sarthe and Langeac, in Haute-Loire. BULTEX mattresses are designed according to recognized artisanal and industrial know-how. Their ventilation limits bacterial proliferation, and therefore the risk of allergies.

Its mattresses’ lifespan is longer than that observed on average for foam mattresses, and, finally, its items are light and therefore easy to transport. The brand has never ceased to innovate to create, in 2019, its first E-Bed connected mattress. A mattress capable of measuring your physical activity and your quality of sleep.

Did you know? The name Bultex comes from the contraction of the words “bubble”, which refers to the millions of cells that make up its flagship material, and “tex” to the flexibility of its texture. We chose to test the Citrus mattress from the Atout range.


Our opinion on the Bultex Citrus mattress

Citrus aesthetic appearance

The Bultex Citrus mattress consists of two parts:

The top part

The upper part is the white welcome in 100% polyester stretch fabric, stretchy and resistant. It dries quickly and does not pill.

Lower part

The lower part has 4 vertical strapped handles for easy transport.

Healthy contact for the skin

It benefits from the Sanitized treatment, an anti-dust mite, antibacterial, odour and mould treatment.

Visit the Bultex website

The composition of the Bultex Citrus mattress

The Bultex Citrus mattress, 24 cm thick, is composed of:

  • The mattress comprises a 17 cm core of 100% BULTEX Nano foam; this polyurethane foam with millions of cells offers optimal well-being and better durability. You get good support for quality sleep.
  • The Winter side of the mattress is made of 2 cm of body soft foam and hypoallergenic fibres.
  • The Summer side of the mattress is also made up of hypoallergenic fibres and comfort foam.
  • The mattress is treated against mites and antibacterials

The manufacture of the Bultex mattress

The comfort level of the Citrus mattress

Any comfort

BULTEX Citrus is a 24 cm thick nanofoam mattress.

The nanofoam adapts perfectly to your anatomy for you to offer the perfect support. Finally, the nano benefits from advanced anti-dust mites treatments, which make the mattress perfectly healthy.

This range of mattresses allows you a restful sleep. It offers a soft welcome for extra firm support. Of all the brand’s mattresses, you won’t find a firm mattress like this. To be reserved, therefore, for experienced sleepers.

The breathability of the Bultex Citrus mattress

The BULTEX Atout range has Nano alveolar technology: fractionated and open nanoshells that guarantee a lighter, fresher and more ventilated mattress.

Efficient technologies

Bultex’s Nanotechnology guarantees both a breathable mattress while remaining comfortable and light.

Our opinion on the pricing policy of the Citrus mattress

The BULTEX Citrus mattress is available in 11 mattress sizes or sizes, 4 of which are single beds.

The brand offers a call price of € 629 for the 80×190 mattress. The standard size of the 140×190 double mattress bed is € 900, and the king-size mattress 180×200 is € 1,294

You cannot buy online directly from the Bultex site. You have to go through the resellers or go to the store (also resellers). It is a shame. Nevertheless, there are some everywhere in France, enough to find your happiness, not far from where you live.

Fairly frequent sales and promotional offers

Even though these prices are higher than those of most universal mattress sites online, the resellers’ promotional offers and sales make them more attractive. You have to consult several reseller sites to find the right opportunity. On the other hand, all resellers do not necessarily offer the same models of mattresses.

Our opinion on the Bultex Vitae mattress

Bultex offers us a 24 cm thick mattress, in memory foam, Bultex Nanotechnology, for ideal support.

With two sleeping sides, summer and winter, this mattress offer you the equivalent of high-end bedding. Bultex offers a 5-year warranty on its mattresses and up to 7 years if you also buy a box spring. The Bultex Vitae mattress adapts to all sleepers. Do not hesitate to associate it with a Bultex shape memory pillow for perfect support for your necks.

Vitae aesthetic appearance

The Bultex Vitae mattress has 2 sleeping surfaces and two visible parts:

The top part

The fabric covering the mattress is white and 100% polyester, treated against dust mites.

Lower part

Same composition for this white fabric, with the addition of a grey side fabric and embroidered horizontal handles.

Anti-allergenic treatment

Sanitized treatment on the tick, which limits the proliferation of allergens.

Visit the Bultex website

The composition of the Bultex Vitae mattress

The core of the Bultex Vitae mattress is made of Nano foam and 17 cm thick, for a density of 35 kg / m3. The Nano foam allows the lightness of the mattress.

The winter side is in body soft foam, super flexible foam for a soft welcome and hypoallergenic fibres. The summer side consists of comfort foam and hypoallergenic fibres.

The Bultex Vitae Mattress is Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees products without any risk to the body and the skin. The Vitae mattress benefits from an anti-dust mite treatment.

The comfort level of the Vitae mattress

Any comfort

The Bultex Vitae mattress offers a tonic welcome and firm comfort.

Rich in Bultex Nanotechnology, this mattress adapts point by point to your morphology and provides you with precise and adapted support thanks to its 7 comfort zones. The opinions on this Bultex mattress are categorical: excellent sleep and less pain. It is not for nothing that Bultex is one of the favourite brands in the hotel industry!

The breathability of the Bultex Vitae mattress

Nano foam improves air circulation, which guarantees you a healthy and fresher mattress for longer. The 100% polyester stretch fabric benefits from Sanitized technology which helps your mattress breathe and breathe.

Breathable mattress

Bultex Nanotechnology, for an airy and healthy mattress.

Our opinion on the pricing policy of the Vitae mattress

The Bultex Vitae mattress is available in more than 10 sizes, and therefore the less frequent, such as 120×190. The first price for this mattress is 674 €, in 80×190 cm. For large sizes, such as 200×200 cm, it costs € 1,604.

This mattress is not for sale directly from Bultex; you have to go through resellers. Delivery is usually free, and that’s good because buying a Bultex mattress represents a certain budget!

Many promotions!

It is easy to find a reseller—this offer exciting discounts and payments in instalments free of charge.

Our opinion on the delivery of the Bultex mattress

Distributor network

As with most established bedding brands, BULTEX does not sell mattresses on its site. You will need to go to one of its many resellers, on the internet or at a point of sale. The brand allows you to find the nearest to you by locating you on its search engine.

Prices, delivery times and conditions vary depending on the reseller:

  • Delivery can be free or paid
  • Delivery can be made between 1 and 6 weeks.
  • The mattress or bedding can be delivered to your home or the room of your choice.

Available from many resellers

The strategy of going through a network of resellers makes the mattress closer to buyers.

Return policy at Bultex

BULTEX offers you the opportunity to benefit from the “Satisfied or exchanged” offer.

It’s like taking advantage of a 15 to 101 day trial period to test your bedding. And if this one does not suit you, you are free to exchange it! Nothing could be simpler: you use the contact form on the brand’s website. Once validated, customer service will send you a voucher to use at the same dealer as for your first bedding. You are then free to opt for the BULTEX, EPEDA or MERINOS brand.

How do you return bedding that you are not satisfied with? It is at the time of delivery of your new bedding that the old one will be collected.

A small downside, however, if you choose cheaper bedding, the difference will not be refunded. And the offer satisfied or exchanged refers only to eligible products on the Bultex site, and for the purchase of the best mattress and the best corresponding box spring, be sure to check directly on the site, under the heading “ Offer satisfied or exchanged ”

What I like the most

The option satisfied or exchanged with a trial period similar to that offered by the brands of universal mattresses

Swapping for another mattress brand is easy and doesn’t end with a mattress from the same brand.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bultex mattress

The history of the brand and its know-how are of its mattresses high-quality products, but with some small flaws.


Handicraft and industrial know-how It is difficult to make a choice when faced with the number of references and selection criteria

Polyurethane foam with Nanotechnology You have to go through a reseller to buy your mattress

Oeko-Tex certification The delivery times are quite long

The “Satisfied or exchanged” offer The prices are quite high

5-year warranty, 7 years if the box spring is purchased at the same time No refund but an exchange, the conditions unclear and rather restricted

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