Bruno mattress test and opinion

Bruno mattress test and opinion

BRUNO is the meeting of two colleagues in a Berlin start-up in 2014. People convinced that the lack of quality of their sleep comes from their mattresses.

After hundreds of tests, they embark on the adventure by creating a unique and universal mattress to simplify the purchasing mattress online in Dubai process. It is on the strength of this “quality and simplicity” observation that the brand was born. But the job was not half done, as Bruno developed his own mattress technology.

We were able to test a mattress online, “Made in Germany”, resulting from artisanal manufacture (a large part of the production is “handmade”) and traditional German. Without saying too much about our opinion on the Bruno mattress, this test surprised us: with good surprises, but also less good ones!


Our opinion on the Bruno mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The BRUNO mattress comes in 2 parts:

The upper portion

The upper part is the sleeping surface, which is white in colour and machine washable.

It can be removed, and washing can go up to 60 degrees to keep bedding in a perfect hygiene state.

The bottom part

The lower part is a grey coloured ticking made of polyester and fleece. This is thermo-regulating, which means that your mattress will always have the ideal temperature. It is removable and machine washable at 40 °. It has 4 horizontal carrying handles.

Ease of maintenance

The fact that the mattress is completely removable for convenient washing


The composition of the Bruno mattress

The BRUNO mattress comes in 2 parts:

  • The upper part comprises a 100% natural latex layer of 3cm, which offers optimal air circulation thanks to its perforated cells. The upper part’s composition ensures an optimal distribution of the sleeper’s body weight—the result: relieving joints and a well-maintained spine.
  • The lower part comprises 20cm of high resilience polyurethane foam for a durable mattress that does not sag or warp. This foam has also been patented by the manufacturer and bears the name BrunoX ™. It is she who really makes the soul of this mattress. It has 7 comfort zones, which ensure your ideal sleeping independence: even two people, you will sleep like on a cloud!
  • Confident of its in-house developed technology, the German manufacturer guarantees its mattress for a period of 10 years. This has almost become a norm among online sellers, but it is a real plus compared to historical players.

Sleeping independence alone or with two people

The specific composition and in two parts, which guarantee optimal comfort.

The concept of the mattress

BRUNO offers you a 24cm mattress with an enveloping welcome. Its 7 comfort zones allow your spine to stay aligned, relieve pressure points on your body and provide optimal support. This support is not synonymous with exaggerated firmness, like a firm mattress, on the contrary. Everything has been done so that the sleeper feels like being on a real cloud, and our opinion on the Bruno mattress confirms this.

Beyond 110kg, the support will not be as optimal. It is, therefore, preferable to choose a TEDIBER brand mattress that can support up to 130kg.

The breathability of the Bruno mattress

BRUNO has chosen not to use memory foam and to develop its own BrunoX ™ foam, which, combined with 100% natural latex, promotes air circulation in the mattress. Your night’s sleep will, therefore, always have the ideal temperature.

Part of our test was done during hot summer nights, and verdict: positive opinion, the Bruno mattress allowed a good regulation of body heat!

Good air circulation

Bruno foam combined with natural latex makes the mattress really breathable


Our opinion on Bruno’s pricing policy

Our opinion on Bruno's pricing policy

BRUNO charges fair prices all year round: generally lower prices than in stores, but with higher quality.

The brand only offers 6 sizes for its unique mattress, with a call price of € 400 for the 80cm x 200cm format.

It is necessary to count 650 € for the double bed’s standard size in 140cm x 190cm and 850 € for the king-size format in 180cm x 200cm.

Regarding the payment, we regret that the manufacturer Bruno is not more accommodating. Many of its competitors offer payment facilities that facilitate the mattress acquisition, while this purchase is often seen as “an investment”. You will therefore be required to pay the full amount when ordering. In terms of payment methods, you can choose between Paypal and payment by credit card. Don’t panic; if the mattress doesn’t suit you, you will still have 50 nights to claim a refund.

A good price-performance ratio

Bruno offers more advantageous prices without skimping on quality.

The Bruno mattress is not the cheapest than its competitors sold online, such as the theTediber mattress where the Ikea mattress. Compared to players in traditional stores, a Bruno mattress of equivalent quality will be sold 30 to 40% cheaper.

Our opinion on the delivery of the Bruno mattress


Your BRUNO mattress will be shipped to you free of charge in France, Belgium and Luxembourg within 3 to 6 working days. The brand uses the Bed-In-Box principle for delivery: your mattress is vacuum-packed in a compact and practical box.

The brand uses the Bed-In-Box principle for delivery: your mattress is vacuum-packed in a compact and practical box. To give you an idea, it is quite possible to have the mattress delivered to your workplace and leave in the evening with it, even if you drive a city car. Beyond reducing the bulk (and therefore the delivery costs), the mattress can be stored in this form for several weeks without this altering its properties.

All you have to do is remove the protective film and wait a few hours to recover its initial shape before using it.

It’s a shame; the delivery is slower than with competitors who generally all manage to deliver at home in less than 48 hours. And also regrettable for people residing in Corsica, since they will have to pay a supplement! However, you should know how to put it into perspective; the delivery time remains faster than with traditional bedding stores, where delivery can take up to several weeks.

Easy installation

The principle of the bed-in-box, which is really practical and easy to transport,

The unpacking and the fact that it is rolled make the installation easier.

A tracking code is communicated when ordering and allows all stages of delivery to be followed.

Depending on the model, the mattress’s weight varies between 19kg and 42kg; plan a second person if necessary!

Bruno’s return policy

Test for 50 nights

To help you make the right choice, BRUNO offers you to test your mattress for 50 nights. At the end of this period, if you are not completely satisfied, contact their customer service by email or phone and return your order to them at no additional cost.

The price of your order will then be fully refunded to you.

If we compare with most of its competitors, the manufacturer Bruno is behind on this point: they almost all offer 100 days of testing! This opinion should be tempered since it generally takes less than 50 days to realize whether a mattress meets your personal criteria or not.

Advantageous trial and return

The possibility of testing the mattress for 50 days,

The return can be done at no additional cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bruno mattress

As many advantages as there are disadvantages for the Bruno mattress, which leaves a somewhat mixed opinion.


Quality of customer service There are no payment facilities

10-year warranty The delivery times are quite long

Removable and washable The delay for the mattress to regain its original shape

Without chemical treatment or harmful substances, Less maintenance beyond 110kg

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