What Are the Best Positions for Sleeping

What Are the Best Positions for Sleeping

Back and neck pain, stomach problems, wrinkles on the face, and cleavage are side effects of sleep. All of a sudden, isn’t it? Sleep, like, is beneficial for health and works better than any cosmetics. The devil, as always, lies in the details. It is important not only the night’s rest but also the position in which you sleep. Let’s look at each position in terms of health impact.


4 Best Positions for Sleeping

On the back

 The best position for sleeping. The spine, back, and neck are in a neutral position. They are under minimal pressure, with no unnatural deflections and twists. Hence, and no painful sensations in the morning. Another plus from sleeping on the back – slow skin aging. There is no impact on your face and cleavage area (lady, special attention!) that prevents wrinkles and helps maintain the shape of your chest. And the third “for” voice is stomach health. In the “back” position, the stomach is below the esophagus, which prevents the reverse current of gastric juice. Mutis in the morning, but you’re definitely not pregnant (because you’re a man, for example)? Perhaps this is how your stomach signals the need to change the night position. The downside of sleeping on your back is only one – snoring. If you have problems with the structure of the respiratory system or just a runny nose, you will snore the whole house. In the first case, you have a direct road to the doctor, and in the second – to the pharmacy.


On the side. 

The second most advantageable position in the chart. In it, your spine is also well stretched and resting, and the stomach works normally. In addition, you snore less on your side. But the skin suffers – because one side of the face “squeezes” the pillow, wrinkles are formed faster. And the muscles of the cleavage area stretch faster and become flabby. So this posture doctors especially advise pregnant women. They prefer to sleep on the left side.


The posture of the embryo. 

This situation is far from ideal. It is good to sleep pregnant, as mentioned, and suffering from snoring. However, a severely bent spine, knees at the chest, and a compressed stomach is not the most natural posture. It affects the health of the back and joints is not the best way and makes breathing difficult. The morning after such a dream may not be kind at all. Another drawback – premature aging of the skin because your face “squeezes” just as during sleep on the side. On the other hand, fans of embryo poses are easy to understand – it is incredibly cozy. If you can’t sleep differently, try not to curl up in a tangle. Sleep with as flat your back as possible. Between the knees, it is better to put a pillow.


On the stomach. 

Voldemort among poses. Your backbends unnaturally, putting a heavy strain on your lower back and neck and increasing pressure on your muscles and joints. This leads to irritation of the nervous system, pain, numbness, and tingling in the limbs. Just imagine that during the day, you keep your head upside down in one direction. Sounds weird and painful? But this is the kind of experience your body experiences while sleeping on your stomach. So, of course, it causes back and neck pain pretty soon. Not to mention wrinkles. There is only one plus in this position – it facilitates snoring. On the other hand, the right treatment also facilitates snoring, and nights on the abdomen lead to the need for another treatment – back pain. So maybe it’s not worth the risk. All people toss at night, even those who sleep very peacefully. This is the change of fast and slow phases of sleep, but it is absolutely normal process. The main thing is what position you have taught your body to be for most of the night. After all, rest in the wrong position can make even a full 8-hour sleep exhausting experience. Take care of yourself!

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