Best Mattress Under 1000 AED In UAE

10 Best Mattress Under 1000 AED In UAE 2021

We will not always search for the best mattress globally; sometimes, it is necessary to hurry or emergency. But that doesn’t mean you have to sleep on a bad mattress. That’s why here we show you the best mattress under 1000 AED In UAE.

We have spent days evaluating an infinity of mattresses available in Dubai, from the best brands and some not so recognized, offer you the best information about the mattress that will make you sleep like a log.

The secret of all this evaluation is based on offering you good value for money. For example, you don’t need to spend excessive money on a mattress when you can get the same for a lower price.


Best Mattress Under 1000 AED In UAE

This is our top of the best mattress under 1000 AED, and if you are here, it is because you want to save. But do you already know what characteristics you are looking for in a mattress? Here we tell you in detail the characteristics of each model, in which contexts they fit best, and what benefits you get from them.

Masterbed Pokebed Deluxe Orthopedic Foam Mattress

Masterbed Pokebed Deluxe Orthopedic Foam Mattress

Top Features:

  • Eliocel Core.
  • High-density foam.
  • Viscoelastic layer.
  • Stretch fabric.
  • Height from 21 to 24 cm.
  • Antiallergics treatment.

Do you think it is possible to have a good night thanks to a mattress that costs less than 150 euros? Let us tell you, yes, and if you want to enjoy it, this is the best option we can offer you in terms of cheap mattresses, with simple features, but with the essentials to sleep comfortable, clean, and fresh.

The health of your back will be well taken care of, as the Dormio Zafiro model has a high-strength Eliocel center, a type of open-pore foam that, with excellent support, allows air circulation throughout its structure. This will enable you to have a cleaner and fresher mattress.

To make your body feel comfortable in a soft structure, this core comes with three-layer padding. These layers are highly adaptable, so the body does not contract, and muscle tension is not generated. With this padding, your body relaxes, which allows you to have a restful sleep.

One of the padded layers is made of viscoelastic material. They are 2 cm viscoelastic that give a soft welcome to the body.

Hygiene is essential in a mattress; fibers and foam can become the home of microorganisms that cause health problems such as allergies and irritations. To avoid this, this model of Dormio has anti-mites, anti-bacterial, and anti-mold treatments from being installed on the mattress.

This mattress is lined with a padding lid, top lid, and a 3D platform to ensure quality and durability. It has a height between 21 and 24 cm, is covered with stretch fabric, and is breathable.


  • Lightweight mattress.
  • Affordable price.
  • Soft welcome.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • Lateral reinforcements.


  • Low height.


Deep Sleep Medical Mattress

Deep Sleep Medical Mattress Best Mattress Under 1000 AED In UAE


Top Features:

  • Foam core Hr.
  • 3D fabric.
  • Memory foam.
  • Height between 21 and 24 cm.
  • Approximate weight of 12 kg.
  • Two years warranty.

good mattress option does not necessarily involve hundreds and hundreds of euros. This is a good, perfect, and cheap option that will make you sleep without pain and with a very soft structure, but that will not damage your spine.

The support for the body is a core of Hr foam of 25 kg density, a high weight that guarantees a high firmness so that the back is always kept in perfect condition.

But don’t worry about the core being unbearable, rigid, or uncomfortable. The perfect fit you want to sleep like a small viscoelastic layer gives a more baby. In this way, the body is received by an unparalleled softness obtained from the dense material. This pair of foam and memory foam is one of the best combinations that we can find in mattresses.

Although the Visco material is sensitive to body temperature and can be hot, this mattress model is coated with Damascus TNT fabric, making it super breathable. So the air circulates through that surface layer, keeping the mattress cool.

This is a reasonably functional model; it is ideal as a mattress for holiday homes or the guest room since it has a warranty of only two years. It is also an excellent and cheap option to get out of a hurry if you cannot afford a mattress of a longer duration.

This model has a height between 21 and 24 cm. It is manufactured in Spain and has OEKOTEX certification that guarantees a responsible product to the environment.


  • With hygienic treatment against dirt.
  • It allows air circulation.
  • Flexible fabric for easy movement.
  • Smooth texture.


  • Short warranty time.


Comfopedic Star Support Medical Mattress

Comfopedic Star Support Medical Mattress

Top Features:

  • Aliform nucleus.
  • The viscoelastic mattress of 4 cm.
  • Medium firmness.
  • Double face winter summer.
  • Coated in 3D fabric.
  • Silicone polyester fiber.

Comfort, softness, firmness… Yes, every cheap mattress has a strong point, an attractive feature to consider when choosing a mattress. However, with the Senator model, we want to show you a bed that cares about your well-being in terms of temperature, so it is made with a double face, one side for the summer and another for the winter.

A double-sided mattress requires an elaboration with materials of different characteristics to adjust to the seasons that give extreme temperatures. However, we tell you that you do not need to spend more than 300 euros to have a double-sided model.

In the center of the mattress, we have a foam core; on both sides extends a layer of memory foam of 4 cm with graphene; the latter is a material that helps regulate the temperature to keep it always pleasant. All this is coated with silicone polyester fiber to give an extra touch of softness.

The summer face is lined with 3D fabric, a body temperature regulator that allows constant air circulation, ideal for hot days.

In general, the mattress reaches a height of 20 cm. The padding system is adjusted in 7 zones, in which softness and firmness alternate according to the point of the body, excellent detail to avoid issues of depression.

Finally, it is a mattress with certifications that guarantee that the materials and its manufacturing process are friendly to the environment. This does not leave aside biosecurity, and treatment is applied to repel mites and bacteria.


  • Temperature adjustment.
  • Ecological and quality materials.
  • Viscous layer that offers softness.
  • The optimal level of standard firmness.
  • Multi-zone padding.


  • Thin.


Deep Sleep Box Top Mattress

Deep Sleep Box Top Mattress

Top Features:

  • Foam core from 10 to 14 cm.
  • Visco foam layer of 5 cm.
  • Memory foam layer of 5 cm.
  • Approximate weight of 11 kg.
  • Height of 20 or 25 cm.
  • Stretch fabric.

One of the models of great comfort and a couple of extra details makes it a type of mattress quite attractive. This is, above all, a memory foam mattress, in all its expression.

Yes, in all its expression. Because each of the layers that make up the mattress is made of viscoelastic material but in different densities to achieve the perfect balance between support and adaptability.

A foam of high density and resilience in its center works as a core of 10.2 cm. Accompanying this viscous foam, there are two layers more than 5 cm each. One layer is Visco foam, and the other is Visco memory foam. These companions integrate perfectly to give a comfortable welcome and keep the body aligned. Visco, Visco

In our opinion, the best feature of the Zinus mattress is that all its viscoelastic layers are impregnated with green tea extracts. This critical application gives the body a soft and fresh reception and functions as an antioxidant and prevents the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and mites.

This natural component is exquisite, but the brand also has Certipur-Us and OEKO-TEX certification, which attest to the quality and durability of the materials used and the little environmental impact it has in its elaboration.

The perception of firmness depends mainly on the weight of the person who uses the mattress; the greater the weight, the softer. But to compensate for this, the sinus bed is available in two thickness measures, 20 cm, and 25 cm. The 20 cm model is maintained with an average firmness of 6/10, while the 25 cm is born with a firmness of 7/10, slightly firmer.


  • Certificates of quality and sustainability.
  • Green tea extract and seeds that function as antioxidants and repel microorganisms.
  • Super smooth texture.
  • Fresh.
  • Light.


  • Low firmness.


Deep Sleep Medical Pillow Top Mattress

Deep Sleep Medical Pillow Top Mattress

Top Features:

  • Memory foam mattress.
  • Sensor Hr Core.
  • TNT fabric.
  • Available heights of 21, 24, and 29 cm.
  • Barriers against mites and bacteria.

While the last option is soft, this Comfort model is made for those who prefer or need a mattress with great firmness. It is not a hard mattress but a slight sinking model; it has a small dense layer that makes the body’s reception comfortable and ergonomic.

The high firmness that is in this model is thanks to its Sensor Hr foam core. This high-strength foam allows the body to stay in the correct shape to avoid injuries, deviations, or pains when sleeping.

This is an ideal option for those who suffer from a condition, and it is essential to keep their back straight at all times.

The Confort Oslo is a memory foam mattress. This is how it can offer a correct balance between adaptability and firmness. These two features in balanced shapes make it an ergonomic care option.

The layers that make up its structure are covered with TNT fabric. This breathable material allows air circulation and free movement of the body without generating tensions on the surface.

It is a mattress of national elaboration, with an excellent price considering its characteristics and quality. It is available in three models of different heights, 21, 24, and 29 cm; its core varies between 17 and 20 cm depending on the model.

Finally, the Oslo Comfort model does not leave aside the importance of a clean and safe mattress. Therefore, hygienic treatment is applied that acts as a barrier for mites, dirt, and bacteria.


  • Different heights available
  • High firmness.
  • Soft welcome.
  • Hygienic treatments.


  • Sensitive to body temperature.


Green Dream Bonnell Mattress

Green Dream Bonnell Mattress

Top Features:

  • Foam core.
  • A dense layer of 2 cm.
  • Coating with stretch fabric.
  • Antiallergic treatment.
  • Application of aloe vera on tissues.
  • 20 cm in height.

All mattresses are composed of a core that is the thickest layer of their composition; this layer is responsible for height and firmness. This time, this mattress is composed of a medium-density foam as a support or core.

This type of support is recommended for people who bet on a mattress of high firmness without thinking that it can be harmful to health. Thus, the bed offers excellent adaptability to the body. For example, in spinal ailments, it is recommended to use slightly harder beds to reduce the possibility of pressure on the joints.

To reduce the impact of the core, the surface of the mattress, on the side of the label, has a layer of high-density memory foam of 2 cm—only 2 cm to give a soft welcome but without losing firmness.

The entire structure of the mattress is covered with super important stretch fabric to allow those who sleep to move without feeling tensions on the bed. The best thing is that this fabric has been applied an aloe vera treatment that helps to enhance the rest and health of the skin.

This is a mattress of Spanish manufacture. Their materials and production processes are certified as non-harmful; they are also OEKO Tex certified as proof of the use of quality textile material.

Thinking about health and cleanliness, this model has been applied treatments to repel mites, bacteria, and mold. Finally, it is a mattress of 20 cm in height; it is available in different measures from 90 x 190 cm.

It is a mattress whose main characteristic is hardness; it is helpful for people weighing more than 100 kg, although its height is only 20 cm.


  • Aloe vera to improve rest.
  • The mattress of high firmness.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • Different sizes are available.


  • Low height.


Comfopedic Ortho Medical Mattress

Best Mattress Under 1000 AED In UAE

Top Features:

  • Eliocel foam core.
  • Fiber block.
  • Coating in stretch fabric.
  • Medium firmness.
  • 14 cm in height.
  • Aloe vera treatment.
  • Treatment against mites and bacteria.

If you are looking for a cheap mattress for children or teenagers, this is the ideal option. Its price is excellent, less than 60 euros. We recommend it for children or teenagers because it only reaches a height of only 14 cm; this does not mean that an adult can not use it, but an adult has greater muscle mass and weight, which would sink the mattress more.

Its core is made of high-strength Eliocel foam, a unique type of foam that favors breathability so that air circulates through its structure and prevents the accumulation of mites and dust.

To give a touch of softness and comfort, its core is coated with fiber block padding that is super breathable, ideal for keeping the mattress always cool and free of dust. With this, the temperature will not be a source of discomfort when sleeping.

All its components are covered in a stretch fabric cover, which offers freedom of movement and helps the skin’s health because in its tissues has been applied an aloe vera treatment that contributes to achieving a good rest.

This is another mattress manufactured in Spain, with Aitex certificates that guarantee the quality of the fabrics used is of medium firmness and has an average weight of 7 or 8 kg.

This is a super-economical option, which, as we already mentioned, can be the sleep partner of children and adolescents but can also be used by adults, as long as it is not recurrent—a tempting option for guest rooms, holiday homes, or to solve an unforeseen event.


  • Lightweight mattress.
  • Aloe vera extract that improves rest.
  • Adaptable surface.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Deformable.


  • Not recommended for adults.


Buying Guide | Mattress Under 1000 AED In UAE

Physical and virtual stores may have different offers on mattresses, but not all cheap beds are of good quality.

Here we have offered you a series of options, but if you are interested in finding a cheap and quality mattress for yourself, these are some tips we can give you.

Material Valuation

We insist that a mattress at a reasonable price does not necessarily imply that it has to be a bad mattress. There are perfect mattresses at an affordable price; the secret is that they are made with quality materials, and that is what you should look at and know when evaluating a bed.

In core issues, for example, foam mattresses are easier to check quality. Here you can see if Hr or Eliocel foams are the best, the first. After all, it offers more significant support and firmness for the body, while the second is a type of foam quite breathable, which helps keep the mattress cool.

You may find inexpensive mattresses with bagged spring core options, but there is no way to know if it is a core of good functionality unless it is a recognized brand. Furthermore, even if it is spring-based, it may have few units, or they may not be bagged. In these cases, since the functionality is minimal, few springs do not guarantee good support, and if they are not bagged, there is not much independence of beds.

Like a quilt, a memory foam mattress is excellent. In this case, you could ask for its density; remember that the higher the density, the softer. There are other types of padding, but it is a little more complex to define if it is of good quality or not at first glance.

Finally, always choose a mattress with a stretch fabric cover. This feature is super important because it allows you to have some freedom of movement. A mattress with a non-flexible cover will make the movements in the bed feel rigid and uncomfortable.


Check if it includes certificates.

Companies, groups, and research centers in the mattress market industry grant certificates to brands and their mattresses models, as the case may be.

For example, mattresses use fabric for their cover and sometimes for their padding system; in this case, some certifications guarantee that the fabrics used are of excellent quality. There are also certifications for those friendly brands to the environment, whose materials and processing procedures do not harm the ecosystem.

Also, some brands have their research centers, and as they discover new ways to achieve better rest, certifications are accredited.

Asking or looking at whether the mattress has certifications can indicate whether or not the bed is of quality. The type of certificate is also essential because a bed with a handle certification is irrelevant.


Think about what you need

When you choose a mattress, it’s not just about quality. A bed can be excellent, but if it is not what you are looking for, it does not serve much, and you can have unbearable nights. So before embarking on the search for cheap mattresses, think about what you need and want; focus your search on beds with the characteristics you need, not with the budget you have.

Being at home and receiving a tough mattress with soft padding and no freshness guarantees when looking for a soft bed to reduce pressure points is hugely disappointing. So here I would say that cheap is expensive because, at a low cost, you will receive a mattress that will mistreat your back or make you sleep at ease.

Offer in mattresses there are many, so you will indeed find that ideal mattress for you without paying a lot of money.


Check Warranty Times or Service Life

One of the disadvantages of buying a cheap mattress is that few models offer a shelf life longer than two years. Therefore, it is not viable for a good quality mattress kept in optimal condition for more than five years at a low price; something had to be missing.

And if we know that cheap mattresses rarely pass this useful lifetime, why consult their warranty? Well, because it is a way of knowing if they are deceiving us. If a store offers them an inexpensive mattress with the security that will last for ten years in the same conditions in which it will be delivered, it will be lying, and if so, they can lie in other details.

You will not find a high-end mattress available with a low budget because no manufacturer would even cover the manufacturing costs, but it is possible to find a good mattress that fits your needs.


Know the brand

Many of the options we have shown you here are Spanish manufacturers, so learning more about the brand is possible. This way, you will understand what fame they have in terms of the use of quality materials, why they stand out and why not.

A brand with economical prices but dedicated only to the manufacture of foam mattresses can be a good reference because that makes them specialists.

However, we will not define possible cases. If you are interested in finding a quality mattress, we invite you to investigate brands that can work as a reference to know how good advantages are those offered.


Choose a reliable platform.

We recommend that you opt to buy on digital platforms. The advantages offered by the Internet are little compared to physical stores. From a mobile device, we have access to an endless number of online stores, without walking, without trying, and with the possibility of going at our own pace.

Now, just as there are advantages, the Internet also has risks, so we suggest that you choose a recognized virtual platform to make your purchases. Amazon is the largest and most recognized digital store; in it, your payments are safe, and the whole team works according to your satisfaction.

There are many virtual stores, but, in addition, being little known, they can not always offer the promotions, discounts, and offers that Amazon has. For example, free shipping promotions and discounts on certain seasons are not very famous on other platforms.

Check the Price of the Model

Once you know what you need or want as a mattress to sleep on, you can look for a bed that meets those characteristics you want. With this, you can search for that specific model on Amazon and choose the option that offers you the best price.

As Amazon brings together multiple sellers, many with the same products available, you may get the model you selected with different prices, there you decide which option to buy.

Think that you should not only look at the price but at what the seller offers you. For example, suppose shipping is included if any accessory of the product comes or if you have good support in case of any irregularity.


Check the comments

Amazon sellers can offer you all sorts of things and sell you impressive features on mattresses, but, in the end, something they don’t control is the comments and ratings in their offer.

For this reason, evaluating comments is a task that you should not miss. It is a way of assessing whether what the seller is offering is what buyers are receiving.


What Are The Prices Of Economic Mattresses?

When we say that a mattress is economical, we know very well that the mattress market is always handled between 150 and even much beyond; there are even models that can exceed 1000 euros, of course with ten years of warranty.

But, every time we say that a mattress is cheap, it does not exceed 250 euros; some models are even kept at a little less than 100.

But you don’t need to give up the possibility of sleeping well for a low price because the models of cheap mattresses that we have shown you here are examples of how possible it is to find quality at low prices.

In cheap mattresses, what you will sacrifice the most is warranty time because low-cost mattresses do not offer long years of use.


Where to Buy Cheap Mattresses Online?

The big mattress brands have virtual stores that you can take a look at, but these big brands don’t have cheap mattresses to offer. So although they are a viable option, we rarely find emptying offers, promotions in shipments, or other advantages. in this type of store.

Cheap mattresses rarely have specific stores. We can find cheap beds at an independent online store, but your safety is not entirely guaranteed here. No one tells you if you will receive what you have ordered and if they give you security in the payment or refund.

For these reasons, our best option to buy cheap mattresses is to visit Amazon. A highly recognized online portal with comments and promotions that vary and improve day by day.


New & Cheap Mattresses On Amazon

This is what we like most about Amazon, which constantly new and old sellers appear to offer new models on mattresses and so on. The variety to choose from is impressive; Although you can get overwhelmed by so much variety if you dare to read our comparisons and descriptions, the decision to choose will be much easier.

As for the prices, the competition leaves the best for you, because the same model of mattress you can find is cheaper.

If you have already chosen a mattress model to buy, you do not need to manually search for the publication with the lowest price; follow our links. They will send you to the magazine that we have seen more economical and considered safer.



Mattresses are an essential item in the home, not only because it is where we sleep, but because, to a large extent, the quality of the rest we have depends on them. And the quality of our rest measures, to some time, our health and the functioning of the body.

With how vital rest is, would you dare to put it in the hands of a bad mattress? No. Therefore, if you have an emergency or simply do not have enough money to invest in a high-end bed, the models we have presented here are cheap and of quality.

Think about what exactly you need and the characteristics you value most in a mattress to feel comfortable. Firmness, support, softness, freshness? Among the options offered here, each bed has its strong point, and you can choose it based on it and its good value for money.

What is indisputable is that mattresses at a reasonable price sacrifice a little height and warranty time. In addition, most of the available options have a valuable lifetime of no more than two years; this is important because the mattress can lose its properties and cause discomfort after this time.

Be that as it may, we can enjoy a good mattress for a low price without having to sleep in a deformed structure, hypersoft, or without hygienic treatments. The important thing is to know how to choose and understand the limitations that the mattress has.

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