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Best Mattress in Dubai 2022

Have you ever thought about buying a new double mattress for your bed? You need to know that, over the last 30 years, the offers for double mattresses have started to be really amazing, with a choice of wedding mattresses and scary prices.

Why so many offers for double mattresses? In recent years double mattresses and their prices have become much more technical, much more attentive to the needs of those who buy them, much more interesting from the point of view of comfort and ergonomics.

Wedding mattress offerings have entered our homes every day, with an American-style attempt at monothematic advertising with double mattresses and prices on national networks with must-see purchase packages. A double mattress cost has dropped dramatically since the first mattress boom in the post-war period, with historic brands starting to advertise carpet.

In the 1950s, a double mattress cost was really high because it was an investment for life.

Now, well, that goes, the best double mattress will last between five and ten years, then it will have to be changed. I know this is a speech that not everyone understands yet. Many people think that the best double mattress is the one that lasts a lifetime. But this is no longer the case; life is much easier; there are unimaginable solutions such as that of the double mattress for interlocking beds, retractable beds or those that are also sofas to optimize the space. Since the mattress needs to be changed so often, perhaps you might think that it is not worth spending a fortune and that it is worth choosing the best cheap mattress for your needs!

The double mattress on offer is no longer a utopia, but it is a concrete situation that we can come across every day. The double mattress on offer, in fact, is a condition that we read every day, on our TV, even not wanting. This type of marketing has meant that, in recent years, there has been a boom in the cheap double mattress.

Attention, deciding to buy a cheap double mattress has its pros and cons: not always what seems like an advantageous deal will prove to be such, but many times it will be easy to find a good product without spending thousands of euros because that is how the market goes at the moment.

So, given that cheap double mattresses can be the best double mattresses, how much does a double mattress have to cost to be considered one of the wedding cheap mattresses?

We will also see this, especially because when I buy a double mattress, I always want to compare the best price for a double mattress, which we will certainly compare in the 5 final reviews that will conclude the article.

Although buying online is now an increasingly widespread custom, to understand what is the best double mattress for your needs, it is always better to go and try the double mattress in person in specialized stores because it is essential that the right type of mattress can be tried to see if it is right for our physical needs. With a little attention, it is not impossible to choose the best cheap mattress for the back… and wallet’s well-being!

Mattress Buying Guide: How to Buy Best Mattress in UAE

After distinguished the different types of mattresses, we looked at other features to refine our selection:

Mattress Density:

this is an important criterion because it defines the hardness of the mattress. The more the person sleeping on the mattress has a high weight, the denser the mattress must be. An overly rigid mattress is not pleasant to sleep in, and too flexible a pattern will hurt your back.

The Coating :

when we talk about coating, we refer to the external material of the mattress. This should preferably be done with natural fibres to which to add some synthetic fibres for good strength.

Size of the Mattress:

On the market, there are standard-sized beds on which they can sleep from one to two people, but you can also find models of different sizes. For two people, the minimum size is 140 x 190 cm. Models that offer a length of 200 cm are more suitable for tall people or a pair.

Then there are so-called King Size mattresses, or substantial mattresses, ideal for those who need a large sleeping space.

Antibacterial and antibacterial mattresses:

for people with allergies, these mattresses are ideal because they are treated to fight dust mites and bacteria. The most used materials are, for example, natural latex, linen, silk or bamboo fibre. These mattresses undergo a natural treatment based on extracts of essential oils of lemon, lavender or eucalyptus.

Maintenance of a mattress :

you can ventilate the room for a few minutes every day or vacuum the powder once a month quickly. You can use black soap or a cloth soaked in ammonia diluted in water to wash a mattress. After washing, it is essential to let the mattress dry well. Good quality and well-maintained mattress have an average longevity of about 10 years, beyond which it is not recommended to push.


To avoid any fire risk, keep in mind that some models are NF EN 597 certified. Finally, note that some mattresses change consistency when the temperature changes. In the end, these elements of analysis allowed us to elect quality mattresses adapted to different budgets and needs. Other sizes are available for each mattress you choose.

Types Of Mattress 

In the last 20 years, and this seems to be a key moment in world technological life, mattresses have become a product to discuss. After years of wool mattresses, such as those of the girls, who were drowned in the middle, creating severe back and neck pain (not to mention circulation problems), the researchers began to understand that something was wrong, that there was a clear possibility that they could work on the materials to understand what kind of mattress could be better than the old one. I do not want to put forward exaggerated arguments. Still, I suppose a lot of you took summer holidays in the relatives’ house and found yourself sleeping in those bags that were considered mattresses in the years after the war. Here, eliminate them from your head, and we think about the 4 models that are most in vogue at the moment:

  • double spring mattress
  • double latex mattress
  • double mattress in polyurethane foam
  • hybrid double mattress


The double spring mattress is the traditional one, although, with a series of crazy tricks, we no longer have the same postural problems as 30 years ago. Modern spring mattresses, in fact, have pocket springs; that is, the springs are independent of each other and no longer create those usual sinks that were typical in the mattresses of the past. I will tell you more: there are spring mattresses that are so sophisticated as to keep this profile solid, but at the same time, they are very accommodating; you almost do not notice to stand on the springs.

Pocket spring mattresses are the best double mattresses for all those who want adequate support during sleep but who may move a lot: the springs’ independent structure will allow you to move without disturbing your partner, guaranteeing you both a quieter night.


The latex mattress was a boom until a few years ago. Especially natural latex mattresses, which cost a lot, manage to be both refreshing and dynamic in reacting to our weight and our night posture.

The flaw of the natural latex mattress is that some of us are allergic, so a little for cost a bit for practicality, it is always better to use artificial latex mattresses that maintain the main characteristics of natural latex but is made in the laboratory, therefore completely aseptic even for those who are allergic to the material. It is always interesting how latex reacts to the body and external temperature, that is, how all-natural fibres adapt to the climate, creating the right response to heat and cold.

If you suffer from allergies to dust or mites (but not latex), the best double mattress for you could be just the latex mattress, for its natural properties that prevent you from accumulating dust inside it.


The polyurethane foam mattress is a modern invention, quite modern, I would say. Nasa patented polyurethane foam at the time of major space travel. We needed a material that was thermodynamic and didn’t take up that much space in the spacecraft. From there, this type of compound, completely artificial, arrived in our homes in the form of a mattress creating a whole new range of memory foam products.


What is memory foam? Memory foam is a possible innovation thanks to the elasticity of the material that allows the mattress to react to any posture our body has by storing, at a slow-release, the shape and pressure that we have engraved on the mattress itself, without losing either support or solidity, two fundamental things for those suffering from chronic airs or bedsores. Do you understand how interesting this new way of thinking about mattresses can be? Having a hypoallergenic double mattress, which is easy to clean, has no mites, has no bacteria, and above all reacts to our body intelligently. Imagine having back problems, never being able to find a position because of any health problem that comes to mind right now: memory foam allows you to have support and at the same time elasticity and softness.

Memory foam is a material that naturally retains heat; even six of the most modern memory foams still manage to stay quite fresh. Memory foam mattresses are the best double mattresses for those who sleep on their side because they keep their backs always straight.


If it is still not clear to you what is the best double mattress for your needs, keep in mind that you can benefit from more materials united together thanks to the use of the hybrid mattress: it is an exciting solution, which in general is among the most popular in the field of sales.

In practice, this mattress could contain several different materials; it can be partly memory foam but have a layer of natural fibre, such as aloe vera, that serves temperature. Or have a part of springs and a top layer made of latex or derivatives that allow our body to better adapt to the mattress.

I like, at this point, to make you think that all you have to do is inform yourself about the type of mattress that you will try in the store, it adapts more to what are the requests of your body; if you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask for advice on a specific double mattress to clerks of specialized stores, be they online or physical.

I believe that the real switch, the real strength and change of recent years, was born at the very moment when there was an awareness that rest is not a waste of time but a real regeneration of spirit and body. Sleeping well serves to feel good, improves mood, has energy in the morning, serves the metabolism that wakes up better and does not make us gain weight, serves to stretch the nerves, and serves to be more responsive with the brain. So it is not something to be underestimated but an important moment of the day like any other primary need, such as eating or drinking. Then let’s think well, now that we know just as well what to do, what the double mattress can be suitable for our bed’s needs.

5 Best Mattress In Dubai 2022

Magniflex Spring mattress

Magniflex Spring mattress

Magniflex was born in 1911, in Venice, to the Nardello family, who had been importing wool from England for years. After leaving Venice after the Second World War, the company moved to Montebelluna in Treviso. In the 1970s, it became a leader in the innovative memory foam sector, water foam, latex mattresses and wooden frame with beech wood slats.

This is a product of the highest quality, costing more than 400 euros; it is a medium-rigid orthopedic mattress composed of two layers: the first is in memory foam soybeans and is 7 differentiated and slow memory zones: this means that each area of the mattress will react independently to the pressure of the most protruding areas of the body (such as pelvis and shoulders), all in full respect of the well-being of the spine.

On the other hand, the second layer is in water foam, that is, a polyurethane foam expanded into water that is the shaped bearing structure.


This mattress is perfect for improving blood circulation, spine posture, better rest, and more regenerating—high school model, layered and hybrid-like many of the most expensive models around.


The style is very sober, all in a washable cotton jersey. Natural fibres with antibacterial silver ions make the mattress completely hypoallergenic and therefore usable even by those who have allergy problems.


  • some claim that this is the best double mattress purchased at this historical moment of the market. It is completely antibacterial and, on average rigid, therefore perfect to support the backs of those who buy it. Size is standard, and layers support each other for an incredible resting experience


  • some claim that after some time, the mattress shows obvious signs of structural sinking and therefore makes everything much less quality.

IKEA Memory Foam mattress

Ikea Mattress

Ikea Mattress is an all-Italian company based in Naples and that uses completely Italian materials for its products. After years in which she had not been able to find space in a sector that in Italy has many manufacturers with the advent of e-commerce, an exciting space has been created, also linked to the fact that the company works with home delivery less than 48 hours throughout Italy.

The product is always at the top of the memory foam range, at the cost of just over 200 euros. Hybrid, layered, has one part in water foam and another in aloe vera, breathable and natural. The memory foam part has a differentiated density to make the mattress’s rigidity different from the parts of our body.


The double mattress is layered and, as such, must be considered a top of the range, especially thanks to the quality of the materials that is all made in Italy. The presence of aloe vera manages to make the mattress very breathable and natural, so it can also give a pleasant temperature that corresponds to the temperature outside the mattress, thus counteracting the natural tendency of memory foam to retain the natural body heat emitted at night.


The product is all made of natural materials, especially in the area that has aloe inside, precisely. The density of polyurethane foam expanded in water is of excellent quality, with Italian materials of which the Materassimemory company is an ambassador in the world.


  • many argue that this is the best product you can buy in this calendar year on the web or in a specialized store


  • some argue that after a year, there are depressions on the surface of the mattress, and therefore it is not appropriate to buy such a product because it is too little resistant despite what had been expected.

Magniflex Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Baldiflex is a Tuscan company from the province of Pistoia, working in the bedding sector for years and everything to do with the bed, then pillows, mattresses, nets, etc. The company, which has been operating in the sector for years, is very proud of Made in Italy and uses all Italian products.

The product is another mattress, super equipped, layered, super modern, which combines water foam with memory foam, in addition to aloe vera, which is natural and anti-inflammatory, breathable with an aeration band that helps a lot to regenerate, also because it reacts naturally to the external and internal temperature of our body. Water foam layer of the highest level, with polyurethane foam in water.


At a rather low price of about 170 euros, the product allows an improvement of our immune system and a regeneration of the tissues that takes place following the natural cycle thanks to the natural tissues from which the most superficial layer of the double mattress is composed.


The lining of the mattress is machine washable, so this is already very important. In this way, you can let the mattress take air whenever you want, all while you are washing your lining separately.

For the rest, the mattress can be cleaned like a normal mattress, so with a skirting board to take away the accumulated dust and a lot of fresh air to air the product, taking care to use a few splashes of anti-car spray on the surface before repositioning it.


  • some argue that this may be one of the most innovative products on the market in the last ten years
  • medium rigid is a memory foam that really does its job


  • some others argue that this mattress is not worth the price it costs
  • others found the memory foam of which it is composed not particularly rigid. Indeed it seemed almost in small pieces.

RoyalRest Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This type of product, also Italian by Baldi flex, is really one of the tops of the range that costs about just under 200 euros. The interesting idea that unites all these products is that the layers serve to make the mattress much more dynamic in what is then the main function: to help regenerate the body day by day, with great attention to circulation back.

There are several alternating layers, both in memory foam and water foam, to ensure that there are also various densities between the thicknesses. Therefore, there are stiffer parts and others that are less rigid to support and accommodate, in a different way, precisely our body and our weight.


The design of the model, in fact, with the alternating densities, allows our body to have different ways of reacting to the rigidity of the mattress, whose materials are all certified and subjected to stringent controls to have certifications.


The product must always be kept clean because it is logical to think of keeping it in the best way: it is in close contact with our whole body. If we are allergic subject even more but in general, it is more than right to think about cleaning it every week and airing it in the open air.


  • some argue that this mattress complies perfectly with the specifications indicated in the purchase and, therefore, that it allows a real fairytale rest


  • many argue that the real problem is that the layers of memory foam never widen, keeping the mattress crushed during transport. It is not assessable as true in all cases, but it is certainly an indication to consider for a possible purchase.

Whisper Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam Mattress

MiaSuite is a company that was founded in Italy in 1957 and that since 2008 has become a leader in the online commerce sector. It sells its products, in fact, on the Internet, guaranteeing deliveries every 24 or 48 hours. He has reiterated a fundamental concept in recent years, that of guaranteed materials and all absolutely made in Italy.

The double mattress is a beautiful product, which costs just over 100 euros, and which has two fundamental layers: one in memory foam and the other in water foam. Also, in this case, we have different densities that cover the entire surface of the mattress to cover the customer’s whole body. Besides, a perforated band allows the breathing of the mattress and, therefore, no moisture or proliferation of mites.


The product is always using taking care to leave it clean. In any way you decide to use it, on any frame, it must be kept clean and dry then if the frame is in beechwood slats and therefore a good frame all the better for the mattress that can give credit to all its potential without losing the lower support.


The mattress is 160 x 190 and has a 2 cm layer of memory foam and a 14 cm water foam layer, so nice double. The weight is almost 16 kilos, and the inclusive height of the two layers is in all 30 centimetres, so standard height.


  • many claims that the mattress does its duty and is a real memory foam


  • some argue that the mattress is uncomfortable and therefore difficult to use continuously
  • others argue that if you spend little, this is the product you get, so nothing of quality then so high


The average size, in this case, is very fair information to give because clearly, our mattress will have to adapt to the size of our bed or even our sofa bed because there are excellent quality double mattresses that can safely replace a normal double bed in the absence of space in the house. Still, there are standard measurements that are certified in every European country. For example, in Italy, the measurements of mattresses are:

  • the single mattress or at a square is about two meters long by 80-90 cm wide
  • the double or two-square mattress has a width of 160-170 cm and a length always of a couple of meters in length
  • a square and a half, which is clearly a middle ground, has a width of about 120 cm, always with a couple of meters in length
  • at French, which is a little more comfortable, is about 140 cm wide, always for a couple of meters in length; also suitable for replacing the traditional double bed

As for height, we must always reason that a mattress that is too thin does not have all the layers we need to be comfortable and at the same time supported. The best double mattresses have a height that ranges from 23 to 30 centimetres but let’s say that up to 21 cm in height, and you can consider a mattress certainly good from the point of view of height and thickness.


As in all the things that have to do with the modern design, we must say that form mattresses, which certainly cannot be who knows how different from normal, have maintained a certain high and even classic standard. However, with the change of materials, much has been tried to create products that were very easy to wash. It was effortless to maintain a care base that kept them longer than previous mattresses and prioritized health.

Where to buy mattresses? Why do so many people buy mattresses online?

In a bedding store, you will indeed have a lot of time to see, observe and try the mattress you would like to buy with all the accessories that will accompany it.

However, consumers are now increasingly buying mattresses online for particular reasons.

The advantages associated with buying mattresses online are many. Compared to a traditional mattress store, manufacturers who sell online avoid traditional trade channels. This allows them to offer consumers cheap but high-quality mattresses precisely because they have to bear different costs. The delivery speed is also exceptional when buying mattresses online: the estimated time is between 24 and 48 hours, except in exceptional cases.

Another reason for revolutionising the online mattress market is the principle of “satisfied or refunded“: many manufacturers offer 100 days to test the mattress easily. Therefore, if you return the mattress at the end of this period, you can choose another one or ask for a refund at no additional cost. It is also true that, after collecting many opinions about mattresses on the Internet, returns are almost non-existent, especially for the products presented in this guide to buying the best mattress.

Finally, as mattresses have become real fashion items, leading online manufacturers and brands don’t hesitate to offer other bedding products for a full, stylish, and cozy room.

Buying best mattresses online: competitive offers

Buying mattresses online is the perfect opportunity to do a live test of your mattress and not just for a few seconds, as happens in-store. If the product does not meet the customer’s quality requirements, the sellers resume the mattress in question without problems and free of charge.

On average, the percentage of returns is around 4-5% of the brands presented in this comparative guide, demonstrating the mattresses’ good quality.

Besides, in some cases, the returned mattresses cannot be resold but are offered to charity (it would be more difficult to vacuum it and prepare it again for resale).

Manufacturers are therefore encouraged to offer high-quality mattresses to satisfy customers and thus avoid losses caused by returns. You can then be sure of the quality of your mattress, whether in memory foam, latex, or springs.

Besides, a factor not to be overlooked in the purchase of a mattress is also its durability. On the Internet, the average warranty is 10 years, while in traditional stores, brands offer a guarantee that ranges from 5 to 7 years.

And there are payment facilities: some mattress brands offer a paid out in multiple monthly instalments, not always available in a traditional store.

Satisfied that the price offered for the purchase of mattresses online is more competitive and often this also applies to delivery, it is better to buy furnishing accessories for the bedroom: with your memory foam or latex mattress, you can also buy the ergonomic pillow or memory foam pillow, the sheet with corners, the down jacket, the duvet at the same time, mattress cover, mesh or bed structure and the entire set of children’s bedding.

How much does a single mattress cost?

The cost of a single mattress can vary, of course, depending on the type of material it is composed of, the quality of the same and the brand you choose.

A discreet single mattress should cost at least 150 euros, but the price can go up to 1000 euros.

Let’s see together the minimum prices for a good single mattress.

single natural latex mattress has a high cost of up to 1,000 euros unless it is a poor and synthetic product (therefore not really natural).

A single mattress with pocket springs has an average cost and should cost at least 400-500 euros for a quality product and has a higher price if the springs are unpacked independently.

single mattress in good memory foam can be found even at 200 euros, but it can cost up to 700 euros. Perhaps this is precisely why this material is so widespread: manufacturers have a high income for selling this type of mattresses, buyers can buy a comfortable mattress at a reasonable price.

Today, however, many people opt for double mattresses or mattresses at the French to accommodate people or sleep more comfortably.

Let’s see, therefore, the cost of a double mattress.

Price of a double mattress

As mentioned for single mattresses, the same goes for double mattresses: the double mattress cost varies according to quality, materials, and brands.

On average, however, it can be said that the price of a double mattress ranges between 300 and 4,000 euros. In contrast, the first of the two values indicated must be considered as the minimum cost to have a product of discreet quality.

As already mentioned for the prices of single mattresses, here too, you can follow this ranking: the most expensive mattresses are those in natural latex, followed by those with independently pocketed springs and, finally, those in memory foam.

How long does a mattress have to last?

A mattress should be changed once every ten years, although manufacturers guarantee mattresses for 20 years.

We do not recommend using mattresses over 10 years because they could deform and lose the natural properties that distinguish them or that, more precisely, characterize the materials used in the production.

However, the durability of a mattress also depends on storage, user weight, quality, and other factors that cannot be evaluated a priori.


Now, before thinking about will be the 5 final reviews of this long article, I would like to summarize with you what are the fundamental points on which to have to reason before buying a mattress, always reminding you to buy a great mattress if you have a great bed because a bed with a badly made frame is a mattress that does not need to be fabulous. It can never be if it is not supported by a frame that is right for us.

That said, the mattress is fundamental because it serves to make us rest at our best and rest better means to feel better in the day, with a better mood and with unbroken bones from morning tonight. A mattress that we must also decide which material to buy and whether to springs or memory foam. I can only recommend memory foam because it is a more modern material and artistry. Alternatively, many hybrid models allow you to experience unexpected comfort. Especially for those who have chronic problems, especially those who have nocturnal difficulties, especially those who have back, and circulation problems, the purchase of a good mattress is fundamental. When you then sleep on a decent mattress, changing it every 10 years, with hypoallergenic material, you will ask yourself why you did not do it before.

Now, one after the other, 5 models of high-quality mattresses that we will see in detail, with advantages and disadvantages to decide which one can do better for us. Don’t forget to buy the mattress only after spending some time lying on each of them from a retailer. A mattress is not bought in a closed box; it is too important to contact the material and find out how it reacts to our weight. And waste some time on it, don’t be hasty in lying down shy. This purchase will last quite a while; it is not a disposable thing on which you can use your instincts, I recommend.